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Grand Forks, North Dakota -Ionospheric Heater Censored Event -NEXRAD KMVX Registers Center

On Friday -14th August 2015, NEXRAD KMVX -Grand Forks, North Dakota began to wipe returns from public resources pertaining to an Ionospheric Heater event that registered center at the KMVX installation. It was only seen as absent frames in the … Continue reading

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Aerosols Photographed at Home and Over Key West -Caught on Radar

Yes, there are many online images… Many are better than these. These however, were shot by Crew just missing, first two drones and then the squadron of tankers that flew past overhead, beyond sunset. This, on 5th May 2015. Sorry, … Continue reading

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HAARP Event_Little Rock, Arkansas_Weather Modification Takes on an Immediacy

NEXRAD returns centered out of Little Rock, Arkansas image off the chart RF_EMF; Pulsed Electromagnetics. This looks to be designed to heat the southern region of the Polar Vortices, pushing it northward. An allowance may be made for several potentials. … Continue reading

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