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Scalar Operations Cycle in Nevada Over Proving Grounds -Part One of Recent Radar Returns

This is from 11th November ‘15, and is one in a series of ops from that day. They have continued and as will be seen in subsequent data dumps, have intensified. ****There is too much to continue to repeat, so this link … Continue reading

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4.8 Earthquake Strikes Nevada North of Las Vegas as Swarm Begins

A substantial earthquake registering 4.8 has registered north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Seven Earthquakes have been in a relatively tight region and have depths that are in the 8.0km to 10.0km range. 10km is 6.2 miles deep.  The map database … Continue reading

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Scalar Laser Operations Enter Third Day Over Nevada Proving Grounds -Exponential in Growth

The way that these operations go, is a start up with one or more NEXRAD installations involved in relatively low power pulses. As the days pass more bursts of higher power ensue. If past trends in R and D repeat, … Continue reading

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