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Continued Global Warming Bravo Sierra Aimed at CO2 Taxation

When considering anthropogenic -manmade -CO2 emissions, it should be noted that in counting only Corporate Petrol Chemical byproducts the roughly 33,000 airplanes that fly in and out of the airport each month emit about 800,000 tons of carbon dioxide. 1 … Continue reading

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Notable 4.0M Fracking Earthquake Hits Amid Well Heads SSE of Fox Creek -Albert, Canada

A notable 4.0M Fracking Earthquake has registered within 700′ of several well heads. This region of Alberta, Canada, SSE of Fox Creek, is in a region that is massively developed.  This is along the North American Craton in the Leduc … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Fracking Events Build Toward Swarm -With David Letterman on Hydro Fracking

Midday on this 5th June ‘15 and reports continue to grow in size as continued fracking earthquakes swarm in Oklahoma. To start here is David Letterman on Fracking from 2012. While I do not watch TV, this is a link that … Continue reading

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Irving, Texas Site of Another 3.3 Fracking Earthquake

Irving, Texas has again been the site of a Fracking induced Earthquake. This, a reported 3.3 EQ with a depth that is all too interrelated to both operational and played or decommissioned sites.   I am beginning to think that … Continue reading

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Texas Fracking EQ -2nd in a Day -OK EQ Swarm Builds

After the Fort Stockton Fracking earthquake, another Farmer’s Branch Fracking earthquake has just struck. This one registering as a 3.3 on the EQ scale.   Near Guthrie, OK, just over 300′ to this derrick and well head to the left… … Continue reading

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Medford, Oklahoma Fracking Dead Zone Region Registers Earthquake Again

Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes continue to shake region. 1* For the most part this area is a played out dead zone. As you will see, there is an ongoing effort to install wind mills where once Fracking operations were located on … Continue reading

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