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Bracken Cavern Bats – Texas – w/other Organic Radar Artifact Events

This is Radar imagery from NEXRAD KEWX – San Antonio, Texas on the 17th October 2017.  This is the explosion of millions of Mexican Free Tailed Bats from caves around the area.  They are named after thier home caverns. These are … Continue reading

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Weather Modification in Action -With New Data

This is Tulsa TDWR Doppler Radar working the weather in the Southern Central States. Quite a lot of moisture is now being directed inland from the Gulf and across northern Mexico from the Pacific. It is self evident, so here … Continue reading

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Snippet Overview of Weather Modification Via Electromagnetics -and doubtless GeoEngineering

Just a little Burst out of Vance AFB -Enid, Oklahoma… Nothing to see here, so just move along.  This is a directive maneuver, part and parcel, of the current weather modification operation, It’s usage through  the NEXRAD radar system seems small compared … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Fracking Earthquakes Continue With 4.1M Event

Oklahoma Fracking EQ swarms continue with 4.1M and upper 3 magnitude events. The red dot is the most recent EQ at the top of the list having just been posted. Medford, Oklahoma is covered with all phases of Fracking development … Continue reading

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4.7 Magnitude Fracking Earthquake Strikes Amid Oklahoma Swarm

Oklahoma Fracking earthquake swarm grows in magnitude, with 4.0M and very notable 4.7M events. Here is the story in data and satellite imagery… Cause and Effect cannot be denied.  Stop the Fracking poisoning of the Earth agenda. As geologic tomography continues … Continue reading

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4.3 Magnitude Fracking Earthquake Registered in Oklahoma

This 4.3M Fracking earthquake is quite notable. The satellite imagery tells the story. Centered amid a half dozen well sites, the true extent of this region’s Fracking devastation is seen as peppered dots as the images back out.   Above further north … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Registers a 3.9M Fracking Earthquake Amid another Swarm

A 3.9M Fracking Earthquake has registered amid an ongoing Fracking EQ swarm.   This area is just north of Oklahoma 70. If you go north the roads are numbered sequentially. 69 is at the top of this image. Above, to the … Continue reading

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Nevada Earthquakes Return Near Dormant Volcanic Region -US EQ Overview

Two Earthquakes have been pinged to the north -northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. They registered 3.4M and a 2.4M, and are in the Southern Basin along the South Rim Caldera Dormant Volcanic zone. The 3.4 is right next to a … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Fracking Events Build Toward Swarm -With David Letterman on Hydro Fracking

Midday on this 5th June ‘15 and reports continue to grow in size as continued fracking earthquakes swarm in Oklahoma. To start here is David Letterman on Fracking from 2012. While I do not watch TV, this is a link that … Continue reading

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Texas -Oklahoma -Midwest Hit By Extreme Weather Devastation

After last night’s post, regarding the Extreme Weather outlook for Texas, and the southern central plains States, The Guardian reports on -Texas Flash Floods Case Death and Destruction – in Pictures. Credits at the end of article. These are the … Continue reading

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