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Scalar Operations Cycle in Nevada Over Proving Grounds -Part One of Recent Radar Returns

This is from 11th November ‘15, and is one in a series of ops from that day. They have continued and as will be seen in subsequent data dumps, have intensified. ****There is too much to continue to repeat, so this link … Continue reading

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Scalar Operations in Nevada with short Mid-Atlantic Weather Modification Visual 101

This started as a quick, short 101, regarding one small aspect of weather modification. That is to say, the usage of RF frequencies -electromagnetic induction if you wish, upon a storm cell; in this case: to manage it. While collecting … Continue reading

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Nevada Earthquakes Return Near Dormant Volcanic Region -US EQ Overview

Two Earthquakes have been pinged to the north -northeast of Las Vegas, Nevada. They registered 3.4M and a 2.4M, and are in the Southern Basin along the South Rim Caldera Dormant Volcanic zone. The 3.4 is right next to a … Continue reading

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4.8 Earthquake Strikes Nevada North of Las Vegas as Swarm Begins

A substantial earthquake registering 4.8 has registered north of Las Vegas, Nevada. Seven Earthquakes have been in a relatively tight region and have depths that are in the 8.0km to 10.0km range. 10km is 6.2 miles deep.  The map database … Continue reading

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Scalar Laser Operations Enter Third Day Over Nevada Proving Grounds -Exponential in Growth

The way that these operations go, is a start up with one or more NEXRAD installations involved in relatively low power pulses. As the days pass more bursts of higher power ensue. If past trends in R and D repeat, … Continue reading

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Nevada Frequency Operations Spawn Nevada EQ’s – Oklahoma Fracking Swarm: Preface

This is todays Earthquake maps, at least as they are reported. Introduced into to the shake news, is the potential culmination of the last week of Scalar Operations. This is a preview, a peek at the Evolution of Covert Scalar … Continue reading

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HAARP Event Utah -Scalar Op Nevada/Plus One Replay Next Day Over Yucca Flats Testing Grounds:

On the 11th June 2014, Operations in Utah where followed by three additional NEXRAD Radar Stations in the Scalar Box Vectorization, Bottle paradox. In mathematics and physics a directional sequence of Laser Beacons of a magnitude converge on a specifically … Continue reading

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HAARP Event Utah -Scalar Op Nevada:

The data was negated so quickly, as to seem predetermined in intent. The HAARP -Pin -Wheel, a field, registered center out of Brian Head/Cedar City, Utah. This was followed by Weather Weaponization Operations over the testing grounds of Yucca Flats. … Continue reading

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