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New Madrid -France -Greek Earthquakes

Bad enough that the New Madrid Seismic Zone is active, close examination shows the Arkansas EQ to be next to Fracking sites. As you know this system drills down and turns horizontal running a mile or more. Only the surface … Continue reading

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Oklahoma Fracking EQ Swarms Continue -San Madrid Fault Activity Ongoing

Here are Earthquakes over 2.5 in the southwest and central US on the 5th and 6th of April 2015. The Fracking events of Oklahoma continue. They are seemingly more frequently in close quarters. Repeated events in close proximity are a … Continue reading

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Lower 48 Earthquake Report 2nd April ’15

Here is the midday earthquake report for 2nd April ‘15. Aside from the ever present Fracking induced shakes in Oklahoma there has been an earthquake in Irving, Texas; again… This 2.7 EQ hit right off of route 348 the WNorthwest HWY. … Continue reading

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