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HAARP/IRI Family Operations Continue Centered in Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia Spiral Vortex Operations continue. These Scalar Bottle Paradox 2.0 experiments based in negation of matter, or the equivalent of space/time dissipation in this, the labeled third dimension is Tesla mysticism put to negative ends. Technocracy has, through its efforts, been the orchestrator … Continue reading

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Extreme Weather -Weather Modification -Censorship -Frequencies -Mind Control -et al.

Third night running… One would think there was something that someone did not want the general public to notice. So, how do pilots use this type of censored weather data? The first gifs are from 17th May 2015… Here are … Continue reading

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HAARP Event Continues_Center Little Rock, KLZK NEXRAD Arkansas

Now, fourteen hours into the EMF attack upon Arkansas. Five AM local time, 22nd November 2014. Evaluation of the imagery over this span shows saturated atmospheric cloud formations moving through the RF infused region. Here are a few of the … Continue reading

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Snippet EMF Weather Outlook for North America

East and West cells work as engines migrating toward a Polar blending; setting up the system for the next Arctic Vortices. KCXX NEXRAD -Vermont Pulses RF creating blockade, preventing Eastward movement of cell, dumping more snow in Buffalo! The Southeast … Continue reading

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