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NEXRAD KTBW Tampa Bay -Ruskin, Florida

This tidbit of data was censored every which way possible, hope you find it… @Sharon, Here are three different Radar imagery sites. In the first -Intellacast -you will note that the image center is off of the chart or legend. … Continue reading

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RF-EMF Lubbock, TX – NEXRAD HAARP Like RF Pulse KUEX NEXRAD Grand Island, Nebraska – Large RF Burst registers out of KESX NEXRAD Las Vegas, Nevada

First is Lubbock, TX in gif format emitting high RF.  Next, are the two Radar feeds that show the NEXRAD HAARP Pulse register in southern Nebraska. All other sites were compromised. Last is the only Radar site that had this … Continue reading

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Weather Modification, Psychotronics, Eugenics; All Outside The Laws and Codes of The Land !

There are a number of Ops going forth Here and Now. There is the 21st Century Weather Weapons Tests in Washington State. There is a growing RF Pulse format being run out of Burlington, VT – KCXX NEXRAD Station. The … Continue reading

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Note: This data has been corrupted… It is in the process of de-corrupting. Today, 6th September 2016, will hopefully see a return of the imagery exposing this event as it occurred. To be continued…   o… When HAARP presents, or … Continue reading

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