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4.7 Magnitude Fracking Earthquake Strikes Amid Oklahoma Swarm

Oklahoma Fracking earthquake swarm grows in magnitude, with 4.0M and very notable 4.7M events. Here is the story in data and satellite imagery… Cause and Effect cannot be denied.  Stop the Fracking poisoning of the Earth agenda. As geologic tomography continues … Continue reading

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4.3 Magnitude Fracking Earthquake Registered in Oklahoma

This 4.3M Fracking earthquake is quite notable. The satellite imagery tells the story. Centered amid a half dozen well sites, the true extent of this region’s Fracking devastation is seen as peppered dots as the images back out.   Above further north … Continue reading

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New Madrid -France -Greek Earthquakes

Bad enough that the New Madrid Seismic Zone is active, close examination shows the Arkansas EQ to be next to Fracking sites. As you know this system drills down and turns horizontal running a mile or more. Only the surface … Continue reading

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Virginia -4th November ‘15 -Earthquake on Eastern Edge of Craton, or DUMB -Action/Reaction Catalyst?

You may recall the 2011 Virginia 5.8M earthquake which occurred on August 23 at 1:51:04 p.m. local time. There is some negation of todays 2.6M EQ, which was first reported as a 2.8M and has been rolled back in the … Continue reading

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Significant Earthquakes Register North of Phenix -Arizona

A dormant volcano exists nearby these earthquakes. It is next to the Aqua Fria National Monument, east of the rocky basaltic plateau which separates the crater from the Aqua Fria River. The Agua Fria river canyon has cut through this … Continue reading

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Montana Rumbles in Dormant Volcanic Crater

Here is yet another above M2.5 earthquake in Montana. This one, a M2.7, is listed as 42km ENE of Seeley Lake, Montana, on the 9th August 2015. By now you know this is linked to the Yellowstone Caldera on the … Continue reading

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5.0M Earthquake -Attu, Alaska -Natural Origins or Synthetic Geophysical Feedback Loop?

A 5.0 Earthquake registered just west of Attu Island, Alaska. 100.0km depth EQ’s are common in this region as explained below. this is about one half of that depth which asks other questions of the event. This is a region … Continue reading

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Kathmandu, Nepal Registers 4.2M Earthquake -10km Depth -Again

A populated area to the NNW of central Kathmandu, Nepal has registered another over 4.0M earthquake. Again, this is showing at the 10km depth. There continues to be EQ’s across Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Southern China’s border with Nepal, and EQ … Continue reading

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Just in -Michigan Has 3.3M Earthquake

This popped up as the activity in the New Madrid was being imaged. The red is the notation for new event. There is a fault line that runs along the southern region of Michigan. It links to the upper range … Continue reading

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Why is The Ongoing Fukushima -All The Other Out of Date -On Fault Lines -Next to Water -Reactors -Out of Sight is Out of Mind?

It is irksome that there is no coverage aimed at the body human when continued events with unknown potentials are clawing at the aftermath of this Technocratic destabilization agenda. The hubris, the human folly that has fettered life on earth to … Continue reading

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