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RF Ring Event Registers on Microwave Returns for Alaska

Not unlike the Antarctic RF Ring images from near McMurdo Station, and at this time of year, across the the south polar region; microwave radiation imagery has registered a large RF pulse in the Arctic. It is seen below a … Continue reading

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5.0M Earthquake -Attu, Alaska -Natural Origins or Synthetic Geophysical Feedback Loop?

A 5.0 Earthquake registered just west of Attu Island, Alaska. 100.0km depth EQ’s are common in this region as explained below. this is about one half of that depth which asks other questions of the event. This is a region … Continue reading

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Oklahoma EQ Swarm Continues Into the 9th April -Alaska Active -Shaking Cobra Dane

The Fracking induced earthquake swarm that seems endless has produced a 3.7 EQ near Perry, Oklahoma, and a 4.3 followed in Guthrie near the airport. The 4.2 to the west of the airport isn’t the usual unpopulated area seen, nor … Continue reading

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US Regional Earthquake Report Part One

Puerto Rico and Alaska continue Earthquake Swarms. These are from the 18th through the 20th March ’15 at midday. This is the back and forth of earthquake locations around Puerto Rico on the 19th of March ‘15. For more on Puerto … Continue reading

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