Port Hedland, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring… 25th June 2017

Port Hedland, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring…                          25th  June  2017

This synthetic plasmic pulse appears to have lasted approximately ten minutes. As always, that is going by what data was retrievable, and accepting it as a complete, transparent representation of the event.

Some, in the field, would call this short display a Hop. The reason for that being that there is a world wide network, including space platforms, which are used in sending these plasmic, over the horizon bursts, from point to point. This potential ping may have been energized and rebounded with a triangulated end point having been programmed. Then there is the very real potential that A.I. may have a hand in its traverse. It may have needed further Ionospheric projections and Earth bound returns prior to a locale collecting myraidal data. At this point, the entire Earth has been mapped to the depths assessable to the Radio Tomographic passage of the Waveform. Different substrats allow more or less passage. Water, oceans and aquifers slow the beams passage, shortening its penetration. There is not enough transparency to follow a specific beacon as it rebounds around the globe.

It is clear that different installations are optimized for consistent Ring and Spiral Vortex type imagery. At least the installations format their hits and endpoint impacts in predictable illustrations. 

Port Hedland, Australia: Radar with satellite data and BoM and US Radar and Array installations. The shapes and colors denote the type of installation. However, Australia is upgrading continuously, and Arrays undertake auspices of the US are covert. Australia itself cannot access Learmonth’s Exmouth Array site on the central Western coast. More on Exmouth in the future. It is a massive and powerful installation. It is on most of the map locator systems should you wish to have a look see now.

The spin on this type of Ring is that it is a glitch or better yet, a snow ring. All well and good, except they show up mid summer quite often. Examples will be forthcoming. Here is a link to a video of a Port Hedland Ring dated 14th May 2016.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/irihaarp-ring-event-port-hedland-australia/ 

Here is a Daily mail article … There is a similar imaging of a ring event out of Kalgoorlie, Australia in the Southwest region. A video of the Ring is below the first European Ring image seen at the top; scroll down and you will see this well worn image followed by the video, hot linked…  

Link:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1373605/An-icing-The-mysterious-doughnut-shaped-clouds-really-mea.html

The article is utter nonsense, it is one of the snow ring talking points which at the time were attached to – these anomalous – radar images. So, first it’s a snow storm, potential in the atmosphere, as they found out there was no snow falling upon the region. Next, it was a doughnut shaped UFO. Finally it was touted as a Radar Glitch. It was none of the above…

Returning to Port Hedland and the Ring registry of the 26t June 2017… Here are the archived images.  

The Weather Underground shows this located at Mount Goldsworthy…

BoM 512km…




64km central static activity detail…

From otterwalks archives…  

Crew standing in…    Crew over and out…     3rd September 2017

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Perth – Airport, Australian Radar Exposes Heater Ring Assault – 28th August 2017

Australian Radar had been largely offline for several months. The go to site has a 72 hour archival system to access. Being offline and tied directly to Australia’s version of the NWS and NOAA is BoM – The Bureau of Meteorology – and with it down, only a site with a maximum of three hours available became the go to; tedious… 

Well, the system is sort of back. Perth Airport Radar, north of the city of Perth in the SW of Australia, presented an Ionospheric Heater Event; a Ring ablaze with frequencies. Different sites show images from different times. These are formatted from what data was uncensored. Seems they have been busy at BoM, recoding and likely adding new filters. They have an ongoing upgrade program which will soon rival NEXRAD in its tech capabilities. Australia is integral in the Heater agenda, having sites that can take hits, amplify the waveforms power and send it back to the ionosphere to rebound back to a new location.

The Future Weapons Arms Race is alive and well, the continent being located closer to the pole makes it an active hub, in season. By that I mean the R and D, and the influx of personal is seasonal at the poles. Summer is a peak time to use a polar locale for this agenda. And, all developed nations are working frequency weapons at varied levels and of differing natures. That said, here are the images.  

The BoM Home site, imaging at 128km…  

This is the look of a whole page with data formatted in different ways.  

256km imagery…  

512km imagery…  Highly censored with only two frames…

Here is a look at a piece of the menu, the installations that are open source, with a frame containing the ring event.   

Not very many frames to construct loops with, but much data is seen in the overall grouping. This was run like a symphony, filled with changes that were blended. Waveforms that had loaded their carrier waves with values that changed throughout. 

Not praising the event, it is run by a Power driven, Eugenics based, sociopaths that fluff their feathers and tout how they are scientists…!  

Crew standing in… The word is o… may return soon. 

Quoting Oate Willie:   Onward through the fog… 

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New Direction – NEXRAD KLZK – Little Rock, AR Ionospheric Heater Burst – Continued Weather Modification Confirmed -28th August 2017

First, Harvey Satellite Feeds confirm Aerosolization…  NEXRAD Weather Modification is confirmed…  Then comes the uncloaking by NEXRAD – KHDX Alamogordo, NM which exposes an Ionospheric Heater Op…! It has essencially been redacted.It presents almost entirely censored for two days; the 25th through the 27th August…! 

Now Harvey has been downgraded to a Tropical Storm. 45 responds… Texas Gov. Abbott calls for Federal aid; response begins within minutes. Houston Mayor refuses to warn; will not even issue warning, let alone enact an evacuation plan. Ineptitude or ordered stand-down?

Harvey is now said to have dumped 15 trillion gallons of water; that factoid from WaPo no less. 

The leading edge of the cell has now been hit by another Ionospheric Heater, Synthetic Plasmic Beacon, above its leading NE region. Cross referencing the data shown on varied Radar site return time stamps exposes the duration of the waveform assault to have been between 1/2 and 3 quarters of an hour overall. Transparency not being a hallmark here, who really knows how long this was working the weather?  

I will say that for every action there is an equaul and opposite reaction.  Harvey will react. The satellite imagery shows the aerosolization of the strom continues. Metals create a conductive field lubriating… Pathways of Least Resisdence, enabling waveform induction both from regional ground sites, and the pinged hops and endpoint impacts of synthetic plasmic heater induction. That is… The passage by an electromagnetic state effecting the properties of all matter in the range ring proximity through which it passes. In this case, it is Synthetic Plasma, essentially a 4D construct. It is beyond our conscious knowing, but that does not negate its existence. Harvey – will – respond…! It is now the early hours of the 28th August 2017…  

Here is less than half of the Radar and satellite data that has been archived. This massive data dump begins with CoD – College of DuPage – Radar returns. The short loops show the presence in registry.  An examination shows repeatedly, that there is a one half hour data drop, there are no returns. The wiped imagery begins after the 0442 UTC time stamp. It continues until the burst is evidenced at 0508 UTC. That translates to the fact that it could have continued until just prior to the next frames timeline. That adds another potential  five minutes. For that matter, it is prudent to understand that falsifying information with regard to Radar data, is a proven, actionable agenda… Let’s just say it is a given, repeatedly exposed fomentation. Countless examples exist where the same image, from the exact same time, is on one hand revealing an event, and in others the extremely high and low Rf is absent.  So, CoD…  Digital Reflectivity Format to start…

Here is the confirmation that this is a heater impact, not a NEXRAD Outburst. This is the Echo Tops product format. As Echo Tops reads from 70,000′ it is blank in NEXRAD operations; they are shallow by comparison. The inbound Heater constructs are revealed as Ringed formations when the layers of depth are compressed and presented in 2D imagery. The aspect of composition actually is corkscrew like. Think alone the lines of a DNA helix. That is a simplification, but it is visually easier to perceive.   

Here is Intellicast Radar…   

This extends the event time frame to 05:23 GMT – same as UTC or Z – Zulu – so, now we have evidence that it did indeed continue for longer than CoD based – Facts – have shown us.

Returning to CoD Products… Their form is shown at the base of the return frame prior to the time imaged. First, Hydrometeor, another tell…

This imagery used to be called Radar Flanis…  

05:15 UTC…

NIU Radar data,,,  

NWS – National Weather Service… A rarity as this is the distribution node for the other networks. Some are coded to respond more rapidly. That is one of the 101 actions regarding real time radar;knowing the order of sites to archive first to maximize data collection.    

Weather Underground loops…  

Here you see a range of frequencies that this software images. There are frequencies that go unregistered, thus, they go unillistrated by the product legend parameters.

Echo Tops – by WU…


Intellicast…   Radar and Satellite…

The time zone is not noted in the following images. They are from the same system, so it could be that we are see another full hour of Ring Presentation.


In all likelihood, This will drive this massive engine back southward, halting it’s NE movement. It WILL reenter the Gulf and begin to amass power for another landfall!

That is my prediction.   Change is on the horizon…

Crew standing in for o…  28th August 2017

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Ionospheric Heater Op Centers @ NEXRAD KHDX – Alamogordo a.k.a. – Holloman AFB, New Mexico

NW of Harvey, a massively censored Ionospheric Heater Operation has been revealed!  

Pains were taken to keep this-these event/s covert, lacking all transparency! We The People own these systems! TPTB don’t want you realizing that fact, the DoD, NSSL, NSF, NASA, NWS, NOAA, DARPA, The US Air Force, The Naval Command, et al. are complicit in this Future Weapons Arms Race. Their R and D, experiments, entropic. All of life, on land and sea are fodder. Very few Nation States have systems that can be used to archive and expose the exponential sequence of more Heaters online and engaged in this move to more powerful Radiant M.A.D.. The increased pings, hops, impacts, and penetrations excite particles; earth, air, water… they all burn in a subatomic maelstrom. 

This is Tesla mystic visions co-opted. It is Weather Weaponry involving Synthetic Plasmic waveforms having – among a host of agendas – a Eugenics agenda embedded. A strategy exists where no one has all of the parts of the whole. It is based on a methodology of partitioned efforts.  Compartmentalization…

But… I digress. From the amassed references, logic points to the very real potential that this event has been a constant since the 25th August. With 17 images, 48 hours elapse. A veritable overwrite and negation has transpired. These are simply the facts. 

Here are images which may been the Force Multiplier, aiding in Harvey’s stall out. The why a category 4 Hurricane, with winds topping 130 mph, would sit, almost motionless. There is evidence of an orchestrated spectral convergence of technologies. That will be better addressed when Harvey is revisited and dissected applying radar, aerosols, and the existing relatively natural, ripe weather conditions to use in promoting the Extreme Weather travesty we have witnessed.   

CoD… The small burst is from the 25th. The two large bursts end the release of data for now. It may still be functioning.  Data is becoming rare.

Slow short loop of key frames – then single images for ease in study.  

CoD Hydrometeor Classification…  

CoD Echo Tops Product format…  

NIU- US and New Mexico…  

Intellicast… 05:03 GMT Time Stamp on the burst of the 27th…

UCAR Radar Network…  

UCAR Mosaic view…  

Weather Underground Network…  From the 27th…  

Echo Tops Format…

CoD annotation…  

Unless you use screen shot on the image, crop, and resize for your platform.

For your consideration…   

 That which IS, be with you…   That’s it for my Sunday sermon.  I haven’t done days without sleep in a dogs age. I will revisit this later, reread, and edit. Feel free to point out my errs. Tech was testy too boot!  

Crew standing in…    27th August 2017   

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All Eyes on Harvey – Satellite Data

Harvey still has not slowed down, and the initial estimate is 325/9 kt.  Based on the forecast track, Harvey is expected to make landfall along the middle Texas coast tonight.  After that, the track models insist that the hurricane will slow down considerably during the next 24 hours, and it is likely to move very little between 36 and 120 hours.  In fact, there has been a somewhat notable change in the guidance, with very few of the models showing Harvey lifting out toward the northeast by the end of the 5-day forecast period.  As a result, the NHC track forecast has been pulled back a bit and keeps Harvey near or just inland of the Texas coast through the middle of next week.  This slow motion only exacerbates the heavy rainfall and flooding threat across southern and southeastern Texas.

Harvey may continue to strengthen during the 6-12 hours it has before landfall, but regardless it is expected to make landfall at major hurricane strength.  Gradual weakening is anticipated after the center moves inland, but Harvey’s slow motion will keep a significant portion of its circulation over water, which may slow the weakening rate.  As a result, the NHC intensity forecast leans closer to the global model guidance instead of the statistical-dynamical guidance, which seems to weaken Harvey too fast.  Harvey could maintain tropical storm strength for the entire 5-day forecast period due to its proximity to the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.    

Below is the new projected path of Harvey. For days it has been said that the Hurricane would traverse the coast of Texas, turning along the coastal merger with the Gulf, and moving eastward toward New Orleans.

The above is some of the satellite data in real time on the afternoon of Friday 25th August 2017. These are the current bullet points.

1. Harvey will make landfall tonight, bringing life-threatening storm surge, rainfall, and wind hazards to portions of the Texas coast. Tropical-storm-force winds have moved onshore in portions of the warning areas and conditions will continue to deteriorate as the eye of Harvey approaches the middle Texas coast tonight.

2. A Storm Surge Warning is in effect for much of the Texas coast. Life-threatening storm surge flooding could reach heights of 6 to 12 feet above ground level at the coast between the north entrance of the Padre Island National Seashore and Sargent. For a depiction of areas at risk, see the Storm Surge Watch/Warning Graphic at hurricanes.gov. Due to the slow motion of Harvey and a prolonged period of onshore flow, water levels will remain elevated for several days.

3. Catastrophic and life-threatening flooding is expected across the middle and upper Texas coast from heavy rainfall of 15 to 30 inches, with isolated amounts as high as 40 inches, through Wednesday. Please refer to products from your local National Weather Service office and the NOAA Weather Prediction Center for more information on the flooding hazard.

4. There is a very real reason that this Hurricane has become an engine, sitting still,  dumping what, if continued, will spawn record devastation. This hesitant slow motion Extreme Weather tracking continues sucking water out of the Gulf of Mexico, and may well become among the most historic storms of our era.  Time will tell, if it is held in place, freed to continue the prognasticated pathways of recent days, or in which direction it is steered. The Radar returns are being compiled, the evidence is overwhelming, NEXRAD is online and hard at it…!  

More from the Radar aspects of the visuals of Harvey to come. Stay tuned to see the developments as they are formatted.  

Crew out…     25th August 2017

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Ionospheric Heater Event Exposed: KILN Cincinnati, Ohio NEXRAD – Core Hub

This was serendipitously unearthed on real time satellite feed.

Here are the actual frames of CoD’s Return loops. The first has an interval period marked  2300 UTC on the 22nd August ‘17. The next image shows 2306 UTC, followed two minutes later showing 2308, and then, jump to 0012 UTC on the 23rd. 

Translate Intent: The imagery is said to run on 6 and 10 minute captures on CoD; other sites may run on 10, 12, 15, 30 minute, or hourly and daily. The point is, there is an appointed time stamp framework. 

Here’s the rub! The return feeds are frequency continuum. The R and D methodology is streaming data in an attempt the feed the growing data hunger of  A.I.. In this instance, the de facto logical end is that the wiped hour and 4 minutes are being censored. This Ionospheric heater assault ran from at least 7 PM through 830 PM local time. The collection of data from as many sites as possible, bares out the truth through cross referencing.  

Confirmation of Future Weapons Impact is seen in the Echo Tops format, where among other data given, the image comes forth as Rings. The time stamps are the same through the CoD systems format menu.  

This is the Hydrometeor Class product.  

Vertical Integrated Liquid…  

Unisys Satellite Data confirmation of radiant.  

Less than an hour later that telling frame would have dropped off of the loop. One site will be scrubbed of all evidence, then a clue comes up which gives the direction alluding to the search parameters. You simply must have access to sites that carry archived imagery to begin to expand the myriad waveform construct. That is, its duration, waveform, amplitude, frequencies, phase, input signal/s propagation, et al..

An input signal combined with a carrier wave is a modulation scheme. Input, programed signals could be carried – without a carrier wave – by VLF electromagnetic waves. The Ionospheric Heaters are running in ULF, ultra low frequency, given the Future Weapons Frequency Arms Race, Technocracy is likely experimenting well beyond the current sensors ability to register the micro frequencies existence. Amplitude is key and 3.6 GHz or 3.6 billion watts is quite the enabler!

Crew…  24th August 2017

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Dryden, Ontario Radar Offline – IRI Ring Imagery Mosaic Construct of Nation State – No Borders – Interface

CONUS2  MergedReflectivityComposite is a transparent, open source, visual confirmation of the Weather Weapons – No Borders – Global Agenda. 

Canada’s Doppler Radar System rarely exposes the proliferation of the Future Weapons Arms Race. There are few resources to view. Those that are available run on twenty minute to just under an hour of imagery; as seen below at the top of the Bing Radar timestamp options.  1*

The median capacity of the beacons core potency location being nonresponsive, the mosaic imagery relies upon peripheral installations to create, in the end, a diminutive rendition. Data bits of distant waveform seepage, fragmentary vestiges, are captured by the periphery locales. Then, the propagated wave vector undergoes suppressive algorithmic fomentation which becomes the basis for the creation of the aspect ratio. Absent its nucleus, this illustration is an interpretation of degrees of gradual entropic decline attempting cohesive R and D data. When extrapolated with sidelobe leaching included; an A. I. attempt at reverse engineering the impact of the electromagnetic pulse ensues.

An offline impact zone, lacks critical data central to a complete 500 mile diameter Ring image. Here, the registry of the radiant composes an approximate 170 mile diameter. Comparative imagery will be linked and or added as it is formatted. 

Bing Earthstar…   

Available time stamps…    1*

Potential impact onset… 

Open source admission of Nation State Interfacing. Quote: Environment Canada has generated a composite image contingency product, based on data from neighbouring radar sites – including US radars for some cases. 

Presented by Crew…  24th August 2017  

Next:  U.S. Ops, both archived and the KILN Cincinnati, Ohio IRI assault on the night of the 22nd August 2017.  KILN would have come 1st, but unlike o…, I like/need to sleep.

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Grafton, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring Event – A HAARP Ring in The Common Vernacular

The link at the base of this article will aid in comprehension, understanding, and the contemplation, involving critical thought. Respectively comprehending this unseen, unknown, radiant frequency eugenics assault is obscure and verbose. This is a segment, one small portion of the agenda of the co-opted Tesla mysticism which now presents in the active Future Weapons Arms Race.  

Bom 512km and 256km range…Detail central frequency impact using 128km range. Here the timestamps presented show the negation of data feeds. 

Next: Tuesday 23:10 GMT skips to Wednesday 01:50 GMT. Having run data on the ten minute format until 02:20 GMT, the time stamp, the loop, is wiped. It is scrubbed until 03:50 GMT. That is an across the board censorship of two hours. 

It can be assumed a de facto impact continued through that period of time and may have surpassed well beyond radiants the imagery produces that are said to represent weather conditions; precipitation, atmospheric conditions, and the context of continued R and D. That is the quantifier the masses need not see. Censorship is engaged with a frequency that it seems there are few enough of these operations that when one presents, the standard spin is that it is a glitch in the Radar system. The wiped data, as revealed below, is testament to the covert nature of these weapons systems.

This IRI impact had a second installation within the central core registry the mosaic collects to create the operation’s signature. 

Brisbane, on the east coast to the north, captured the same ring event; subsequently the offset of the center’s location. 

Detail imagery with time stamps and annotations. 1st – 01:42 UTC…  Next: It continues its waveform, including Radio Tomography, now 02:30 UTC…

The satellite imagery shows both aerosols to the south and excited, conductive atmospheric activity, generated by Antarctic operations, to the lower left and right.     

Links to varied format Australian Ionospheric Heater Operations which will aid in conceptualization of Frequency Deployment via the continued refinement of array class weapons. An attempt has been made to convey this Technocratic Agenda in general terms so that all may begin to comprehend the implications of their agenda.

22nd August 2017

Crew out…

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Gas Chamber Earth: Look Up…!

         Eclipse issue ending world…?  NO…!   Look Up…!  

21st August 2017     Crew standing in…

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Emerald -Central Highlands Ionospheric Heater Operation Continues -Passing Five Weeks -Continued Updates

August 2017 site news:

Soon to return… New tech is almost set and much catch up data from 2017 will begin to be presented.

Latest Update: 

The 28th saw no less than eight Ionospheric Heater Events. This still continues on the 29th.

Here is an image you should see. This is Emerald on the right, obviously, and Esperance continuing to refine a very likely future Operation.  

Thus far there have been four Ring Assaults on the 29th… More as the data reveals this ongoing Eugenics Agenda. 

As an aside, Back in the USA… NEXRAD KBLX – Billings, Montana has registered center a blended carrierwave Ionospheric Heater – HAARP/IRI – Ring! Only one site has exposed this event. All other Radar sites have wiped the time frames that are De facto confirmation of an eight hour Operation which clearly shows the implementation of a Weather Modification intent. More later…

Update: 28th November – 8:38 PM EST…  Today has seen no less than seven or eight Ring events register. One has lapsed over several timestamps and was impacting for a minimum of 1/2 hour. Likely, very likely, it ran closer to an hour. More on this data later…

Follow up: The bottom of this piece has frames added. They are the completed events recorded from the 27th November 2016. The Operation continues, now, the 28th November. You may note that all of the 27th’s Rings fall six minutes prior to the hour in this BoM imagery. It should also be noted that both Adelaide -Buckland Park and Esperance – a highly advanced installation – are beginning to appear in Radar returns with Ring and Spiral Vortex Operations respectively. More on that after data regarding the New Zealand EQ swarms and documentation showing multiple Rings Impacting the south Island, both in the days leading up to, and the day after the created event of note.

While this is not the first time this Ring type system has registered in the returns of Emerald -Central Highlands Radar, Australia, it is the longest run of modulated vector oscillations born of HAARP/IRI like technology. This Operation began with a regular daily series of Rings beginning in mid October, and it continues.

To be specific this continuum began it’s warm up phase – as you will see imagery later – on 17th October 2016. At least, that is the data I have been able to archive. It continued showing signs of adjustment on these days; the 20th, 24th, 25th, 28th, 30th, and 31st October 2016. Here is a Link to an earlier article on the Emerald Ring format agenda.  


The full on assault began 3rd November and has continued daily through this time, the 27th November. Updates will follow. 

The shear volume of images creates an issue in presentation. This will address the 25th November to the start of the 27th. The various Radar systems that are still operating with some form of transparency are showing images similar to those which follow. They have different time zone timestamps which aids in assessing the duration of each assault. For the most part they are lasting 10 to 15 minutes. There have been events where the impacting radiants have been scene to continue up to 1/2 hour. These daily archives show specific changes in format. Some of which is the power level which is registered. Mostly it is the timing of the Heater Impacts which change. They are running on similar timestamps by and large for a day or two. Then they will shift from, as example, on the hour to 1/2 passed the hour. Several days later it shifts to 24 minutes after the hour, then at 45 after the hour. Some days have 18 or 20 register, others have 6 or 7 Rings Impacting. Should you wish a specific date from this Operation, please feel free to make a request. For now they largely sit awaiting a time when they can be formatted for presentation. 

The 25th shows confirmation of the Rings Extreme Weather creation making it a prime and current run to show. These are single site returns at different Range Ring diameters. The timestamps are at the base.

Here is the Weather Underground site showing the timestamp of 20:50 UCT. Above, Bom Shows the Ring impact at 20:54 UTC. The next pair show the 21:50 UTC timestamp and 21:54 UTC can be seen above from BoM.  Given 20 minute loop imagery, you can begin to see the potential for these Rings lasting more the 4 minutes shown here.  

Here I am including prior or earlier returns to add further data. Below are returns from 11:50 GMT on the 25th November in the 256km range ring product. The zoom shows both interior central Rings and RDF – Radar Divisor Function. The major issue here is that this is not what Tesla had patented as the Scalar Bottle, also known as a Scalar Box. In that Epiphony. two Lasers intersect, that collision then creates a zone with a complete absence of All 3D matter. This point of collision and surrounding area, for simplicity in communication, becomes a Void. This raises the logical, questioning reasoning, that if it is now nothing, how is it to be conceived? This gave rise the to Scalar Bottle Paradox i.e. Nothing Must be Something… Hence, here we have the Scalar Bottle Mystic vision of Tesla being taken to a level far beyond his posit origins as stated in the patents. This is laser induction into  building, existing, impacting or fading Synthetic Plasmic Future Weapons. This aspect of the Operational R and D is visual as a reaction tracking toward the 10 o’clock position. You can see central rings begin to shift to curved outbursts aimed toward 10 o’clock.

Extreme Weather is apparent moving east around 3 o’clock.  There are numerous other potentials for R and D refinement and other agendas, not covered here, exist as well. They, well many of them, go to more esoteric, rather unprovable potentials. They reside in theory as potentials. Many are parallel to the CERN fringe thoughts and the dynamics in varied schools of  Physics. Something still too fuzzy to integrate here. The realities and the thought schools are encyclopedic. This is analysis of what is seen to be happening and imaged by this interfaced A.I. creation. That alone is more than most of us can wrap our heads around. It is another aspect which needs its own focused examination and I do have much to present regarding A.I..

This is the 128km product. This frame is timestamped 11:50 GMT, the same time as that of the ring assault. It is zoomed to the center of the ring, thus the bulk of the Waveform does not show. Here, in the central region you essentially have intrinsic sidelobe visuals. In Frequency beacons, spent EMF and returning Plasmic Waveforms there is a Leaching of Frequency or Plasmic Energy; it has a signature. It is the Entropic dissipation of Energy which resides beyond the template of all pulses, signals, Lasers, so on. Following the single frame is a zoom of the Extreme Weather beginning here at 12:00 GMT. Much Global Radar software programs have disabled broad Range Rings and or Mosaic imagery. This ends with the area of most power being registered as a HAARP/IRI event or Ionospheric Heater Event with no visible outer Ring Parameter showing. It is there, it is simple not being imaged in its entirety.    

These were a rarity. They are screenshot from WU showing the presence of the Emerald Ring in their single site Map of Australian Radar installations that they cover. That is, when censorship is not engaged… This shows 50 single site Radar installations which data is available from. During WW11 there were over 150 Radar sites across Australia. Many of those have been Upgraded as they say or closed. There remains airport Radars, satellite platforms, and various mobile Arrays which feed data into this imaging system. Obviously, we the populous of earth, are not privy to the data collection they functionally invest. 

17th October 2016…  

Moving into the 26th at 05:54 UTC and 05:50 GMT… UTC, GMT, and Z are the same time zones…  

WU at 05:50 UTC, followed by a surrounding loop…   

Note, this is listed as EST, Australian time. Eastern Standard Time – U.S. East coast time – as well as EDT – Eastern daylight Time – both equals GMT or UTC -4 hours. So, this return showing a Ring at 16:00 EST is actually the same event as the above shown at 11:50 GMT. So, there you have evidence that the Ring existed for ten minutes and there exists undocumented time prior to and after these timestamps which remain as unknowns. Was the Ring a longer Assault?

Same Ring again… This time the single site zoom in different product modes, showing 15:50 EST.

Between what has been stated above and the listed link, further statements are not needed to detail further. The data is in the Timestamps and legends.   

Same event as above, timestamped 00:00 EST…

And here we begin to see Ionospheric Heater activity continue into the 27th November.

The Update on the activity of the 27th November shows that five ring events registered, that we know of, on Radar.  

So, there you have a glimpse of over five plus weeks of a Future Weapon Operation which continues even now…! 

You may come upon the standard spin about ground clutter, snow rings, insects, birds, bats, and their favorite go to; a Glitch in the System. 

Now… Do you think for an instant that these Global Arrays, in their myriad forms, are going to be left in a state of needed maintenance? Yes, at times there will be a notice that a site is closed for maintenance. That generally happens when an event is occurring. It’s one of the formats used to negate data and or wipe the return in the end. 

There are experts onsite or near enough to have addressed – a glitch – in that period of time! I guarantee you…! This is evidence of an escalation in a Future Weapons Arms Race! We get little coverage of this overall and much of what is viewed is wiped prior to its being fully archived. It is Global in its scope and it ties directly to the GeoEngineering Aerosol Agenda. This is the Technocratic Agenda, born of The Money Powers, that Shadow Government spins a M.A.D. assault upon life on earth. 

We Are Being Exterminated…!  

otterwalks:  27th November 2016     Survive-All…    Awareness is Preparedness… 

Until a return to this Operation…   o…

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