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All Eyes on Harvey – Satellite Data

Harvey still has not slowed down, and the initial estimate is 325/9 kt.  Based on the forecast track, Harvey is expected to make landfall along the middle Texas coast tonight.  After that, the track models insist that the hurricane will slow down considerably during … Continue reading

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Classic HAARP/IRI Ring Presents in Texas Centered KDYX NEXRAD Dyess AFB Abilene

The presentation in the classic sense of a so labeled HAARP Ring has been imaged in its final moments. Dyess AFB NEXRAD systems registered this synthetic plasmic impact, center, with the image of the ionospheric heater’s range; its perimeter ring. … Continue reading

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Synthetic Plasmic Pulse Bracketville -Laughlin AFB NEXRAD KDFX Installation Operation

Following the last noted RF/EMF Event comes another Texas based radiant pulse attack. Link to 17th September 2015 NEXRAD HAARP Event: As it continues at this time covering over 8 hours this is only a sample of the NEXRAD … Continue reading

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Laughlin AFB -Bracketville, Texas Ionospheric Heater -HAARP Impact Centered NEXRAD KDFX

On 17 September 2015, NEXRAD -KDFX -Laughlin AFB -Bracketville, Texas was center registry of an ionospheric heater -synthetic plasmic event. Frequently labeled HAARP, that label has been changed to IRI for that location and surrounding systems. This is a somewhat … Continue reading

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Irving, Texas Site of Another 3.3 Fracking Earthquake

Irving, Texas has again been the site of a Fracking induced Earthquake. This, a reported 3.3 EQ with a depth that is all too interrelated to both operational and played or decommissioned sites.   I am beginning to think that … Continue reading

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Texas Fracking EQ -2nd in a Day -OK EQ Swarm Builds

After the Fort Stockton Fracking earthquake, another Farmer’s Branch Fracking earthquake has just struck. This one registering as a 3.3 on the EQ scale.   Near Guthrie, OK, just over 300′ to this derrick and well head to the left… … Continue reading

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Venus, Texas -4.0 Fracking Earthquake Just In

This 4.0 Fracking Earthquake is just in. Here are images of the Fracking wells surrounding the epicenter. The imaged one is 1000′ or less from the center. It has a house in the image for size comparison.  The above image … Continue reading

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