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Massive Microwave Oscillation Captured on CIMSS Returns

These are returns from the CIMSS Global 1 imagery system. The date of this Radiant Pulsation was 17th January 2016. There were no Solar events of an Earth facing Nature during this timeline. For that matter, it was a quite … Continue reading

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Mobile Land Weather Modification Arrays and EMF Systems -Future Weapons

Mobile land based Radar, both dishes housed in Radomes and Antenna type ionospheric heaters, continue to shrink in size, as their function expands.   This image was taken several years back. It is among the numerous systems that continue the … Continue reading

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Using The Square Kilometre Array To Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence

This was originally published by Tech…org. Their logo is seen below. This is worth the research time. The operations that have been created and or in the R and D phase are eye opening. Here is the Home page Link: … Continue reading

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Should Humans Become Super-intelligent Machines?

Following is a quote from University of Wisconsin’s Bill Hibbard speaking to trans-humanism. *1  Though he does not mention it, this is a white paper which links famed Trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil with a number of the agendas propaganda front persons. Among … Continue reading

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CHAFF, Aerosols, Nano-Bots, Morgellons, The Law, and Censorship

The content of aerosols is key to a morphing multi part agenda. This, due to the output changes, modifications that the algorithmic evolution, born of the actuarial feedback input, uses to further R&D. Here, input becomes a question for another … Continue reading

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Our Gang – Eighty Years Ago ! :

From the 1st July 1933 episode titled The Kid From Borneo, Spanky fires warning shot over bow. That was over eighty years ago and it reverberates today; Here and Now !…   otterwalks:  29th March 2014  

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