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HAARP/IRI Family Operations Continue Centered in Esperance, Australia

Esperance, Australia Spiral Vortex Operations continue. These Scalar Bottle Paradox 2.0 experiments based in negation of matter, or the equivalent of space/time dissipation in this, the labeled third dimension is Tesla mysticism put to negative ends. Technocracy has, through its efforts, been the orchestrator … Continue reading

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Australian High RF/EMF Radiants Caught in Returns

The Australian National Radar/Weather site posts one image per hour in its national four loop format. You can see shorter timespans in single site imagery. This significantly large, apparent duel pulse RF event appears to be registering out of two … Continue reading

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Scalar Operations in Nevada with short Mid-Atlantic Weather Modification Visual 101

This started as a quick, short 101, regarding one small aspect of weather modification. That is to say, the usage of RF frequencies -electromagnetic induction if you wish, upon a storm cell; in this case: to manage it. While collecting … Continue reading

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Nevada Frequency Operations Spawn Nevada EQ’s – Oklahoma Fracking Swarm: Preface

This is todays Earthquake maps, at least as they are reported. Introduced into to the shake news, is the potential culmination of the last week of Scalar Operations. This is a preview, a peek at the Evolution of Covert Scalar … Continue reading

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