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Southeast Weather Modification -a Visual

This is a visual snippet for 31st March ‘16. That is NEXRAD KMLB -Melbourne, FL; with other NEXRAD installations involved in orchestrating storm cell -like -activity. Tiers of compartmentalized operations having been deployed, a coordinated schedule of evens ensue. Some of it … Continue reading

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Fukushima -Part of The Global Life Negation Agenda -A Full Spectrum Operation

From race specific bio-weapons, to the distribution or experimentation by dispersal of varied aspects of other life negating formats, the Agenda is Full Spectrum! Eugenics, modern genocide, on a global scale, is quickening its pace. Statistics grow as the slowly creeping … Continue reading

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HAARP -IRI -Ionospheric Heater Event -KBBX NEXRAD Beale AFB -California

A lapse imagery leaves only the final moments of an ionospheric heater event that registered center, at Beale AFB NEXRAD KBBX -Marysville -Oroville, California. Returns are negated from 15th November at 15:15 UTC through 16th November 02:46 UTC: 8:50 PM … Continue reading

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I’m Radioactive -Radioactive

Annotation Credits_Muse_Super Massive Black Hole_muselyricsworldwide Imagine Dragons_Radioactive_chanhvo_production otterwalks:  16th October 2015

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Rancho Seco Nuclear Plant Not Shut Down – Only Disinformation Regarding its Dismal Use as a Storage Facility

This is a continuation, the second part of what was to become a multipart report. The first can be seen on either otterwalks on WordPress or at this link. 1* This confirmation of radiation on radar began further research. The … Continue reading

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DEW – MVAD’s – BBB – Future Weapons – Depopulation – Here And Now

This goes to Radiation, Directed Energy Weapons, the Blood Brain Barrier, and its transference via Albumin. These are only the small versions of systems that did not permeate the environment with radiation, imaged as frequency, a century ago…  Link: … Continue reading

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