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Heavy Metal Parhelion vs. Natural Halo with Sun Dogs

25th April 2014 started as haze. The earths rotation gave rise to a higher sun in the glare of a dare I say; blue sky… Then came 10:30 AM Eastern and the beginnings of thirty witnessed aerosol passes, largely from … Continue reading

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From Yahoo News: Is it a UFO? Sun Halo Sparks Fear and Jokes in Mexico

So, here you have it. Again, a synthetic Parhelion, not a true, naturally occurring Sundog, and it is labeled safe! If this was a natural event you would have multiple suns refracted in the circumjacent ring.  This is due to … Continue reading

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Heavy Metaled Parhelion The Synthetic Recurrence Post Aerosols

While driving along about a mile of roadway, yet another Heavy Metaled Parhelion was captured. This one did not, from the vantages observed, present colors. It simply went the the halo as the Aerosols disbursed and the sky became the … Continue reading

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