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Ozone Negation – A Confluence of Eugenics Agendas

Evidentiary imagery of the Northern Hemispheric Migration of the Technocratic Assault on life as it Migrates from the Polar Region, Toward the Equatorial Belt.   Images from China, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, the U.S. from Colorado to Texas, and more are … Continue reading

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Polar Stratospheric Clouds -Ozone Depletion -The Technocratic Agenda Viewed:

Note the trees and the viewers, this is not a polar region. Here is the weakening of the protective skin that shields Earth from the Solar Radiation. This is being done openly. It is covert in operation. It is the … Continue reading

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Credited Evidenciary Cloud Images With Commentary Added By otterwalks:

These images have once again come around the internet and it is time to update, correct, and explain their presence.  They are events born from catalysts.  Each having its own signature, all from Technocratic R&D, several the visual capture of  Ozone … Continue reading

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Early Summer 2013 -Ozone Depletion and Chemical Burns:

GeoEngineering has within its format, BioEngineering.  This is a story in photos, another otter tale.  Crew has a Nikon COOLPIX.  When around if one of us Looks Up, and IT has begun, the ride comes and we go to open … Continue reading

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Frequency -E. Pollution -Public Domain Censorship -Behind The Deletion and The True Agenda:

Here is a link to a radar feed that is usually a top choice when checking activity that impacts your body/mind health. These images are from the afore mentioned site.  Previously events being negated by this method have been … Continue reading

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