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Should Humans Become Super-intelligent Machines?

Following is a quote from University of Wisconsin’s Bill Hibbard speaking to trans-humanism. *1  Though he does not mention it, this is a white paper which links famed Trans-humanist Ray Kurzweil with a number of the agendas propaganda front persons. Among … Continue reading

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Quote du jour_Lionel

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Programing! A pause between the Eugenics race news. otterwalks: 3rd October 2014

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UPDATE: Broad Range Shield Combined With Dipolar WiFi -EM -RF -Ground System:

Update: The radio Frequency Emission issue surrounding the CFL Bulb Conspiracy has driven R&D to ground WiFi, cellphone, generic 60 Hz household electrical system discharge,and radiant emission attack.   There are many types of Mother Boards used by the different … Continue reading

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