Ionospheric Heater Impact Mt. Isa, Australia 4th September 2018

As often is the case this event was rapidly censored. There now exists very few frames with images of the event. The assault lasted, from the best guess work given the clues at hand, for at least 22 hours, very likely the duration was longer. Future Weapons R & D continue with the populous being used as the guinea pigs [ ! ]

Here are what images could be screen capped. The first is from weather online and the others are from the BoM, Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology…weather_online_mt_isa_iri_ring_0211_utc_040918

Here’s the BoM data sheet for the 512km range imagery. the timestamp is at 10:09 PM GMT…bom_mt_isa_iri_ring_512km_1009_gmt_040918

The BoM product for Mt. Isa picked up, or imaged at any rate, this image with the 128km range Doppler windage software… The center reveals the essence of ring structure and the classic static peppering associated with IRI impacts.bom_mt_isa_iri_ring_1010_gmt_128km_wind_rate_040918

BoM showing Mt. Isa with the 128km range product – 10:09 PM GMT…bom_mt_isa_iri_ring_256km_1009_040918

BoM showing Mt. Isa with the 128km range product – 12:16 AM GMT…bom_mt_isa_iri_ring_128km_1216_gmt_040918

BoM imagery using the 128km product…bom_mt_isa_iri_ring_128km_1009_040918

Any of the categories or tags labeled “Australia” or locations within that continent can be used for reference data to flesh out the encyclopedic machinations that go to the Future Weapons Arms Race as linked to Ionospheric Heaters.  The registry of a beacon created by man and impacting earth should cause one to further investigate. In my humble opinion at any rate.

otterwalks  4th September 2018


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