QAnon Graphic Decodes & Illustrations That Relate

Continuing in the effort to present the latest graphics that have been created using QAnon posts, headline news articles, Tweets and more… Some are already set for updates. This last – for now – seven day absence of Q drops has given some time to play catch up. 10 days darkness? Usually, Q would drop a clue regarding a planned absence. That’s my take on how that issue has been handled. The reality of these last few months has been that the Q drops have taken an upward swing in momentum. It is almost surreal not finding new posts when checking the Github scrapper sites for the latest or newest posts. /patriotsfight/ has sat with the same page for these days. Time will tell. The remorse are circulating about the potential that Q is done. That seems highly doubtful. Again, time will tell…

Here is a run of graphics addressing varied QAnon relevant data sets… One note for here… If you cannot view these images, you may drag them off to your desktop to enlarge them. They are large mega-pixel images. Not sure that WordPress has a good enlargement function. [?] First – Korean news from Q post No. 1289…1289_nk_sk_meet_graphic

Allison Mack – Schneiderin Resigns – Who will be next? Post No. 1368 and…


IG Horowitz – Q post No. 1403…


Q post No. 1433 – Encyclopedic  Volume of Data in This Stand Alone Post…1433_infographic

This is a Follow The Pen side by side…follow_the_pen_side_by_side_graphic

@realDonaldTrump Twitter The issue  of Separation of Children From Illegal Immigrant Detainees…djt_tweet_immigration_separation_graphic

Another Follow The Pen Graphic…follow_the_pen_trip_code_graphic

New CIA Director Gina Haspel…gina_haspel_gaphic

It’s Happening ==> Q post No. 1436 and…its_happening_graphic

@realDonaldTrump Tweet, QAnon posts on the Tarmac Meeting, Antonin Scalia 187 and…lynch_sc_deal_u1_more_chart

Q post No. 1090 ==> McNoName / Syria…post_1090_decode_080418

Q post No. 1326 ==> McNoName Meets Syrian Rebels Secretly and Illegally…12_q_post_1326_decode_100518

Patriots Fight Q post No. 1114 and…1_patriotsfight_graphic

QAnon Trip Code Reset Graphic ==> Hope this helps…trip_code_reset_graphic

Q post No. 1379, Tweets, post No. 771 and…q_1379_graphic

The Corsi Twitter Meltdown ?10_corsi_tweet_mania_graphic

Q post No. 1123 Updated with Lt. General Nakasoni Taking a Position… q_post_1123_lt_gen_paul_nakasone_anno

QAnon post No. 1306 ==> Topic: Iran Nuclear Deal…q_post_1306_graphic_decode

QAnon post No. 1238 / 1164 ==> HRC…q_post_no_1238_graphic

Updated Follow The Pen Short…update_ftp_trip_code_graphic

QAnon posts 888 / 1188 ==> NK…8_q_posts_nos_888_1188_graphic

QAnon post No. 1437 ==> The Image Taken From Air Force One Located…q_post_1437_graphic_backup_230518

NK Talks graphic…7_nk_talks_graphic_120518

What Must Happen Pre 11.11.18 [?]5_what_must_happen_pre_1111_grphic

Be Careful Who You Follow…2_be_careful_who_you_follow_graphic_120518

That’s another grouping for your perusal… More to come…

otterwalks…  29th May 2018

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