Newest #QAnon Drop – Post No. 1361 Links…

Update: Posts numbered 1362 and 1363 have come through in the interim…

This is the site to list all of the links contained in #QAnon post No. 1361…q_post_no-1361_140518

The 3rd link clicks through using the image below…

Link 11… Another image click through function…

This link wants to shift up to the second image click through link… ? That may change…

So there are the 18 links in the #QAnon post No. 1361…

QAnon post No 1362…q_post_no_1362_140518

Detail of Q post No. 1362… Seth Wadley Ford is in Oklahoma. It has been reported that this billboard is on highway 35…1362_detail

QAnon post No. 1363…q_post_no_1363_1405181363_detail

The above post No. 74 is from the 8chan research board. The general reference goes to post No. 1332 on the GitHub / .com sites…

The image below it is from the night that the three captives returned from North Korea confinement. The image was taken at Andrews Air Force Base.

Zoom on the firetruck…post_no_1363_q74_firetruck_140518


That’s it for the moment. If more drops occur, they will be added. Never know when the next will appear.

otterwalks     14th May 2018

The images below do not show up on my create nor edit pages. Sorry, cannot work them. Maybe they function as the missing Roseane Barr link above.

View at

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