QAnon post decodes – Infographics – from 27th-28th April 2018

This begins with Q post No. 1286 from the 27th April. This is a particularly long post with many data sets to be revealed. It presides largely around the issues faced by candidates running in the 2016 election process. The levels of activities are related to open source, searchable information. Q continues to add links within the posts.

#QAnon post No. 1286… This image is from the 8chan research board. It fit in one image that way. The reveal follows over the next four images.q_post_no_1286_2704181_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704182_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704183_q_post_no_1286_decode_2704184_q_post_no_1286_decode_270418

QAnon post No. 1287…q_post_no_1287_270418q_post_no_1288_270418

QAnon post No. 1289 is followed by a graphic. There has been much talk about a possible situation which would count as a #MOAB. If these images aren’t able to be clearly viewed, drag them to your desktop.They are large images, dense with pixels.


Moving into the drops from the 28th April… QAnon post No. 1292…


Jumping back, Q post No. 1268 goes to the newly appointed Lt. General Paul Nakasone,  head of the Army Cyber Command, has been nominated by President Donald Trump to serve as head of the National Security Agency and the U.S. Cyber Command, he will be replacing Admiral Mike Rogers who steps down on 1st May ’18. Following the post is an image from Q post No. 1123 originally. It has been updated with the newly confirmed NSA head.


#QAnon post No. 1276 infographic decode – Q Proofq_post_no_1276_aid_out_260418

#QAnon post No. 1277… Q Proof…post_no_1277_connections

#QAnon post No. 1280 and No. 1281 decode graphic… This one happens to be a favorite to date…topic_1280_1281

This comes with the text from QAnon post No. 1269 on the image from Q post No. 1274…q_post_meme

If Q drops further posts on the 29th, today, we will return and add them. If not, we’ll see you when there is news to report.

otterwalks and Crew[Anon]       29th April ’18…

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