Q Drops 25th – 26th April 2018 – Assorted Q Data Sets as Reveals From Q

QAnon post numbers 1261 through 1274 were dropped on the 8chan boards on the 25th April 2018. Of late the posts have been presented with a greater clarity given to the reads. As more of the U.S. and world’s populous becomes Awake to the process that is in motion, it becomes easier for the intel disbursal. That is, the open source progenitors are tailoring their information platforms to actually work as investigative journalists should. There is a deeper research methodology being employed by those that are working to regain the Constitutional Republic as it was created.

There is a dissipation occurring where once the corruption, which very nearly completely ensnared our government, resides. Daily, news breaks of the continued escalation, regarding the draining of the swamp. The resignation list continues to grow. Human trafficking is being addressed in ways that have never before been seen. Both sides of Congress is seeing a roll back of the corrupt political hacks. Many are not going to run for future office, that, in the hope that they will be able to slink off into the shadow of history. Appointees in high government branches are being fired. The DOJ, FBI, State Department, Joint Chiefs of Staff and many more are being thinned out. The Hussein holdovers are being routed slowly but most assuredly. New 9th District Court appointments may one day return some form of actual non-biased justice to those courts. The same may come to pass within the Supreme Court of the United States.

That bit of optimism having been stated, these are the most recent Q posts… QAnon post No. 1261…q_post_no_1261_250418



QAnon post No. 1262…q_post_no_1262_250418

QAnon post No. 1263…q_post_no_1263_250418

QAnon post No. 1264… The top image of that particular post is the way in which it appears on the 8chan Research Board.1264_q_europe_250418q_post_no_1264_250418q_post_no_1264_250418_detail.png

QAnon post No. 1265…q_post_no_1265_250418

QAnon post No. 1266…q_post_no_1266_250418

QAnon post No. 1267…q_post_no_1267_250418

QAnon post No. 1268…q_post_no_1268_250418

This is the image from within Q post No. 1123. Admiral Mike Rogers is to be replaced  by Army Lt. General Paul Nakasone. He is yet another Army Intel Officer. This image is of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It doesn’t by any means show the entirety of that group. This image is rife with symbolism. That is for another time, though that dialogue began when the image was first posted here.q_post_1123_lt_gen_paul_nakasone_anno

QAnon post No. 1269…q_post_no_1269_250418

QAnon post No. 1270…q_post_no_1270_250418

QAnon post No. 1271…q_post_no_1271_250418

QAnon post No. 1272… The post is followed by post No. 568 which is the image within the drop.q_post_no_1272_250418q_post_no_1272_image_detail_586

QAnon post No. 1273…q_post_no_1274_250418q_post_no_1274_detail_250418

Here begins the 26th April QAnon drops. They are ongoing at this time and will be updated later tonight or in the early AM hours Eastern time. Should you wish they are posted on the MINDS and GAB.ai sites we use. This accounts are RedPillMedia42 and RedPillMedia respectively…



26th April 2018 Q drops at 6 PM Eastern…  Q post No. 1275…q_post_no_1275_260418

As you see there is a link within the post which needs to be worked.


QAnon post No. 1276…


This is a reference post where each Q post statement has a prior QAnon reference with the post’s number attached. This is Q post No. 1266 from the 25th. This is Q on Q…1_q_post_1266_q_on_on_q_2504182_q_post_1266_q_on_on_q_250418 

That’s it  for now…

otterwalks and Crew[Anon] 26th April 2018  

Survive-All… Awareness is Preparedness…

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