Recent QAnon Posts Decoded and Presented in Visual Media 23rd April 2018

QAnon has become exceedingly rapid in deployment of the drops of data sets. The intel is coming far too fast and the research is so time consuming that to do daily Q articles is rather out of the question.

That said these are some of the posts as visual aids. Some call them decodes. We tend to lean toward reveals. There are also side by side QAnon proofs. These are plentiful and express themselves as Q drops usually followed by or concurrent with breaking news which is often seen as Twitter account activity. Time stamps are concurrent. These are often brought forth by @realDonaldTrump, but not confined to his Twitter account. At times the link will go to another’s account. Julian Assange is a frequent Q post proof link.

We’re starting with the most recent of the QAnon posts. These we have worked and having throughly researched them created these illustrations…


Hmm… Editing this in as Post Script.

You just can’t work on the hidden meanings within the QAnon phenomenon without catching some flack. You know you’re over the target if your catching the flack.

In this case, an issue has been raised, given the fact that a post from the 8chan Q research board was used and not the subsequent QAnon post with that Anon’s post contained within it. In so doing, the Q note about – The Deal – that was struck in the Tarmac meeting isn’t presented in the below informatiom chart and Q proof. That post, No. 1148,  read as follows.

Side by side graphics are important.
To be clear, LL was promised the Supreme Court position of RBG.
RBG big problems.

It remains the contention of the authors that

Our contention is that if, as is referred to in a number of Q posts, AS 187 is viewed with the given decode = Antonin Scalia – Murder, then the scene is set for the existence of a motive for an AS 187.

If Loretta Lynch was made a deal whereby she had accepted terms in which she was told she would receive RGB’s – Ruth Bader Ginsberg’s – SC – Supreme Court – seat, logic demands that the circumstances which begat those terms where essentially telling LL – Loretta Lynch – that she was next in line for said SC seat. It would have been a basic premiss that RBG would be the next to vacate a seat on the SC. It also would stand to reason that if someone else was to have their seat become available, it would logically be made available to LL. 

We have added post No. 1148 to this presentation so that those that wish to evaluate these evidences can have the full picture of presented argument. So ends our thoughts on the issue… q_post_no_1148_150418


Those generally recent posts up for viewing, we’re now going back and moving forward with this run. At times the posts will be coming faster than the server can work them to a complete and correct upload. When posts of posts are coming through and many people are refreshing the page errors begin. The numbers may jump and become out of sequence. This one below happens to be a No. 0. They will go to zero as they begin to settle and edits and additions are inserted into the ultimate finished posts. This ends as post No. 995… 






These are people from The Joint Chiefs of Staff. These are in no way the complete JCS personnel. POTUS stands in the center and behind him and to his right is General Mad Dog Mattis. The coded message is that he is Trumps right hand man. It is noted that General Mattis is not in uniform. Also of note, General Kelly’s presence is absent in this image. Yet another thing that this photograph begs a question is the forth from the right gentleman who stands wearing a suit. This is Patrick M. Shanahan. 

Not counting the central three, which form a unit, if you count starting on the left front you will find that Mr. Shanahan is the 17th person in the lineup. 

The 17th letter in the alphabet is, are you ready, Q…




This next post, No. 1188, has a hotly contested variety of posits attached to it. We have remained with this original read of this post from 19th April ’18. It is followed by a drop which delves directly into an issue surrounding 9/11. That seems to be a very clear set up for this post as it relates to that False Flag event…


That is a fairly good run at key Q posts from the not too distant past, linked to older posts and decodes with go to Q proofs. Many that are not seen here at this time will likely turn up in some future presentations. With the body of posts that now exist, there is a massive volume of drops, to reread as Q frequently says. These, when combined with new posts being to expose another frequent Q statement – Future Proves Past…

Back with more from the machinations of our GeoPolitical and Technologically Futuristic World. The continued effort to expose Truth in the hopes of bringing Common Sense to the forefront of our World today will continue. We wish the best to all as we move forward together. 

otterwalks and Crew[Anon] signing off for now…  23rd April 2018

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