Adelaide – Buckland Park Australia Registers as Center for an Ionospheric Heater Assault

Adelaide – Buckland Pard, Australia has just appeared as the center of an Ionospheric Heater impact assault!

This Operation has been largely censored. That is the usual course taken by the systems that image these events when they happen to slip through the filters. More on that aspect below , noted with imagery…

Here are some images of that IRI event on the 13th March ‘18.

This is the BoM 512km Product showing the impact.

An image from the 256km Product produced from Adelaide – Buckland data.

Following are surrounding installations, part of the BoM interface, which in concert, join data streams and with the compiled data produce a mosaic image of the event. 

A single site’s Radar parameter is smaller than the range needed to get a complete image of the event from a single site.

This effectively negates the argument that this is simply a glitch born of the central impact zone of the Ring.

There are times when image composites are created using other than land based data collection systems. Satellite, ocean and land mobile systems, boys like the GIRO collection system has and the extent magnetometer data receivers are some of those that are know to exist.

This is the Adelaide, Australia return showing the event. The off center images reveals that this location is not the center of the impact zone.

This is Mildura’s imagery of this Ring event…

Mt. Gambier imagery…

Ceduna Radar…

Woomera, Australia Radar return showing another data collection set…

That’s what is available to present from this Ionospheric Heater Operation.

There are a number of images from Adelaide – Buckland Park in the past here on WordPress.

Happy Hunting…

Crew…  13th March 2018


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