Broome Radar Australia Red Eye Ring Registers – 1st March 2018

Broome, a single site installation reported by the BoM Radar Network, is showing an Ionospheric Heater R and D experimental impact.

This has been a common image, over the years, seen on varied Australian Radar platforms. 

There has been an implementation of the censorship protocols which has ended in a scrubbing of two and a half hours of the data stream which archives these events during their attempts at presenting the weather. This has been labeled a Red Eye Burst in the common vernacular. 

Links at the bottom to historic Red Eye events from the past. That said, here is the imagery that could be obtained regarding this event, which occurred today, 1st March 2018…

The oft used argument, placed in dialogues, is that this event is the singular issue of a site’s systems having an internet / software issue. In point of fact, it takes a multiple number – usually a minimum of five different data collection hubs – of interfaced Radar, Giro, Magnetometers, Space Platforms and mobile land and sea devices, feeding the capture of the event, to create an image of the diameter of the impacting Beacon. They impact, on average, a ring which is approximately 500 miles in diameter or 804.672km…

This is an image from the event. It was created by the interfaced BoM – Bureau of Meteorology – single site Radar at the infamous Exmouth Array located on the Learmonth peninsula in western Australia. It is shown here to begin the process of showing the actuality of how this mosaic images come to be. This is from the 512km imaging product…

Next, as we hone in on the central registry core of the event, is Port Hedland’s image of this assault… Once again this image is a product of the 512km imagery system…

Now we see the region which has registered as the highest power center of this Beacon. This is the 512km product showing the constructs of the waveform. The multifarious colors can be analized to determine the specific characteristics of this Synthetic Plasmic, Radio Tomographic Future Weapons Pulse.

Here is the remaining image image from the Broome site core as seen using the 256km product.

This is the last available image out on the live stream, open source Radar return networks. 

This was the 128km product image from Broome. Remember the prior two and one half hours have been wiped from display. This was a relatively long penetration of radiant energies. It is no different than exposing yourselves to other forms of radiation.

Because you cannot register the event, through the use of human senses, does not negate its existence…

A full spectral combination of frequencies has been blended in the creation of this laser like projection. 

This, as with all return data formats, is used to refine and enhance future weaponization of this tech. 

These Radars also registered the Broome Red Eye pulse…

Dampier, Australia installation…

Halls Creek Radar…

Wyndham Radar interface…

Darwin – Airport interface…

The creation of a mosaic image, that covers more area than a single site Radar’s capability, should make sense to anyone viewing these images. A collection of data sets from different regional offerings are blended together, their overlaps assigned proper position, and the big picture emerges.

If there is a potential confirmed, or seen to exist, it will be addressed at some time. This R and D has continued to collate data from the collection of these events over decades. The agenda is full spectrum. The Future Weapons Arms Race is a fact and it is Here And Now!

Here is a link to this same type of image event found historically on Australian Radar returns… 


Crew and otterwalks…  1st March 2018

                          Awareness is Preparedness



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