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This is going to be a bare bones presentation of the next Q drop presented here on WordPress. There are so many Q posts at this time that simple to catch up will be an effort. Therefore there will likely be three posts and then research pst to decipher the lot. While working this data Q has begun to post again. This is now 1:30 AM the 10th February 2018… Big things happening next week > ?

That said… Here is the Q posts from 29th January 2018 starting with No. 640… We begin talking about Rod Rosenstein – RR…

The note below has JC – James Comey…

 APACHE – gave rise to many interpretations. Q soon pointed out the helicopter crash in California in which several employees of the Stanford Hotel chain died. This has appeared to be an exposure of the behaviors of Adam Schiff at the adult only hotel chain. Another link has surfaced since. 

Day of Days – D of D – is a reference to the Department of Defense…

A reference to the 21st December 2017 E.O. on Human Trafficking and Asset Forfeiture.

Here is further direction regarding the helo crash and those that died. Ultimately, their identification pointed to the web of connections…

TG – Trey Gowdy…

Here is that Tweet above…

This is mostly an Anon speaking to Q…

That is it for the moment. Back with more in a future piece.

Crew… 10th February 2018  


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