QAnon Posts: TODAY, former President Barack HUSSEIN Obama formally retained counsel Q 24th January 2018

Q has been posting on Tuesday the 23rd and next today on the 24th January ‘18.

This is from today. After this the posts will return to their order. 

The news is that Hussein has officially retained council !!!

 So… Starting at 17:36 PM on the 23rd January Q ran these on the Q 8chan Board.

At that time there was a pause in the Q posts.

They began again at 20:26 PM eastern…

This is a zoom on that text. Notes below on this image post. The top highlighted statement has been put forth previously. The timestamps are north a look. The image is from 6.5 minutes earlier than the timestamp on the post…

Much dialogue today on Snowden and the implications from this Q Hello…

Q posts starting at 14:39 PM eastern 24th January…

This link is to a Youtube video featuring the POTUS.

Youtube Link:

Powerful presentation…

This is the post which may be the singularly most important post of all Q posts thus far…

That is the pen known to be the kind that The Donald uses, it sits on White House stationary. Could be Q messaging that he / they are close to the President.

This is the highlighted image post shown with the corresponding post that says the same thing. It was posted on the 14th November 2017. It is exactly the same quote from Q.

The same idea put together at a more leisurely pace…

A graphic version of Q posts from the 23rd…

The newest Q Map downloadable pdf is now available.

Q’s posts – CBTS – 5.8.0.pdf

Snowden – What was Snowdens primary mission – graphic ?

So… That’s it for now…  Back when there is more of note.

Crew…  24th January 2018 

Post Script:  There is more on the Red Pill Media 42 – MINDS channel…


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