QAnon 22nd January 2018 8can Board Drop

Q began another post drop on the QAnon Board on 8chan on the 22nd January at midday.Four posts were confirmed and later that night Q posted further data. The bread crumbs are posted here was well as the link for the newest Q Map which carries all of the Q data and images. This pdf is updated after new Q posts are set and deciphers are among the information within.

This is the newest data dump for you… The posts begin at 2:13 PM eastern.

That’s it for the first run of posts. It appears that Q is talking to a specific someone. An Anon chimes in on #The SchumerShutdown and Q responds: Thank you for visiting the White House. We know Chucky Schumer was at the WH and upon leaving was visibly shaken. He fielded no questions from the waiting media, as is his want, and quickly left the scene.

Trust Admiral Rogers…

Then, at 9:47 PM eastern, this major piece is posted. Countless Youtube videos and written deciphers have already been done. It’s visible that it regards dire internal FBI messages speaking to the assassination of POTUS or someone in his family! 

More on the status referred to within as it develops.


By No. 3 – Chatter just SPIKED  Q  — It begins to appear that there is an attack beginning on the 8chan QAnon Board. The day had seen cyber attacks across Twitter where Julian Assange’s account, Sara Carter, BBC North America, tennis legend Boris Becker and Amnesty International were also targeted. Worldwide many more accounts received a message about the Twitter Boards being Hacked by the Turkish cyber army.

The U.N., David Clark Jr., and on Saturday, they took over the Twitter account of Dore Gold, a former aide to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Times of Israel reported. 

Part of the Hack stated: Quote: Your account is hacked by the Turkish cyber army AYYILDIZ TIM! Your DM correspondence has been captured and interesting information has been reached! Turks are everywhere! End Quote…

In time the facts regarding just what may, or may not, have happened on the 8chan Board will come forth…

Next… Here is a downloadable pdf doc of the latest Q Map.

Q’s posts – CBTS – 5.8.0.pdf – This is a complete accounting of all Q data.

Q decipher Tweet from post of the 22nd December 2018.

A decipher from the 19th January 2018 showing the names associated with initials on the post as well as explanations…

This one on a post from the 14th January 2018 says much by saying little.

Back with more as it unfolds…

Crew… for otterwalks by Crew – 23rd January 2018

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