QAnon #greatawakening 21st January 2018

New QAnon posts 21st January 2018…

No. 47 is long and goes to numerous topics. The decipher will be added as it comes along.

Below is a close up of the bottom of post No. 51. In this case – SC – goes to Supreme Court. Q is talking about the assassination of Justice Antoine Scalia.  AS is the subject of the matter; assassination.  References to Open Borders > Constitution >  firearms > 2nd Amendment > Justices …

This is a Youtube video which was put out right after the post talking about Scalia’s murder / assassination.


This is the link made hot:

Here is another turned up in research… 


This is a zoom of No. 51… #ToddMacklerr #DonnaBrazille #JohnPodesta #Soros 

This is Q talking after the above posts. These have numbered links which can be used to click through to the posts being referenced by Q. These have all come through on Q’s Board on 8chan. You can use this link to further expand the meanings which are hidden in plain view.

Until later.

Crew…  21st January 2018


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