QAnon Drop on 8chan greatawakening Board

QAnon returned to drop new posts on the 8chan Board

These began at 21:09 Eastern on the 18th January ‘18 and ran through 00:45 AM Eastern on the 19th January.

As they are more fully deciphered those inferred data points will be added to the posts where needed. for now, these are the continuum which continue at number 25 having ended on the 14th January with number 24.

For the moment one post of note is number 25. This deals with the Memo / s which have caused such an outcry on the Hill and around the DC circuit. The story goes like this incase you missed it.

House intelligence committee Chairman Devin Nunes has asked Rosenstein and FBI Director Christopher Wray to produce a number of documents related to the Russia investigation.  

These include materials related to how the agency used a dossier of allegations about Trump’s ties to Russia that was partially paid for by Democrats. Nunes sent Rosenstein a letter last week saying he wanted the information by Jan. 3.   

Money is on Rosenstein having some baggage related to the Russia Dossier.  Likely this image of Rod Rosenstein will activate memories about this Bush and Obama Admin holdover… Here is one of countless available links about the classified memo…


It seems this is directly related to the Russia Dossier, its creation, who knew, how was it paid for and by whom, was the money used legal ? On and on…


It’s 3:45 AM on the 19th and there are new Q drops posting on the 8chan Board.

Obama Cabinet through the email – Eric Schmidt – North Korea – Google…

Crew… otterwalks by Crew…  19th January 2018


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