#FakeNewsAwards 2018

       This is from — Team GOP — Archive – dot – is…

The highly awaited #FakeNewsAwards were finally revealed, only to have the site crash as soon as it became apparent that these were the winners being released by the POTUS.

As it went, for histories sake, people familiar with the workings of the site quickly posted links to the archive which has screen caps of all that comes to pass. Big surprise there… Surveillance and meta data to tap into…

Here is the rundown of what was posted listing the #FakeNews winners.

                        This is the final commentary…

Finally, this one of the submissions from us at otterwalks by Crew and The Red Pill Media 42 channel on Minds.



Hope everyone found their way to the sites.

Crew 17th January 2018

Post Script: Today is the 17th – Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

Quote:  There are no coincidences… End Quote: Q


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