QAnon Map / Book of Q Newest Release and The 45 and Q Host #FakeNewsAwards and Memes

Here is the newest Map / Book of Q Downloadable pdf

This is the 5.3.0 version downloadable pdf…

 B, who has an inside track on confirmation of Q posts, as they were prior to the new 8chan Board that Q has created, has posted this piece deciphering Q posts which B believes relate to the False Alarm Missile Alert in Hawaii.

           Are you ready for the #FakeNewsAwards ?

The Donald and soon to follow QAnon have been talking about MSM – Legacy Media – Corporate Propaganda Dissemination Platforms – and the need to continuously focus attention on the lies behind the narrative spin. The Awards are to take place on the 17th January 2018 and Q has put forth in posts parameters for Memes to be created for submission for the potentiality of being pick by POTUS for Re-Tweet. 

That tells you that these are to go to Twitter. They are to be presented in a side by side methodology as described by Q. 

All of those implications aside, none of us here on WP or at RPM42 on MINDS use either Twitter or Facebook, – never have – yet there are still plenty of places to spread the word and work of this #FakeNewsAwards meme drop. This is a great way to spread the word through exposing the Truth that resides unseen unless researchers and those on the inside expose the facts.

So, here is a meme drop that each may spread truth and find the creative juices which bring forth new works for the edification and entertainment of all of those that may come upon them wherever.

This is in the side by side format that Q has asked for memes to be made. 

This was originally posted on the CBTS subreddit Board. As a stand alone image it has a hidden message. If you follow the hands, they form a Q… At least that’s the way it tied in the Q and 45 timelines…

See how it works ?

This is titled: CNN Lies – But then you knew that…

                                            That All Folks

For more QAnon information and memes you are welcome to thieve from these links… 

There is also the Discord Boards and the Meme specific one on the r/CBTS Stream Discussion. One need create an account and ultimately be verified, but with little effort you are in live contact with the Admin and Moderators that are the heart of the people that work with Q and The People both.

And, until later, this has been Crew for otterwalks by Crew… 

16th January 2018


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