Ionospheric Heater Event Registers Center NEXRAD KGYX – Portland Maine

Ionospheric Heater event registers center at NEXRAD KGYX – Portland, Maine…

18th December 2017 – New England under Plasmic Future Weapons Assault !  

The Radar imaging systems are rapidly being shut down as this event appears to be a continuum. Deployment of censorship is the method whereby the data, having slipped through the internalized system parameters, is wiped. It takes, generally speaking, five installations to present a mosaic which pictures a complete, total breadth or diameter. This event does not show the average 500 mile perimeter of the beacon; The Ring. Here we only see the regions of highest Plasmic, RF, EMF registry of the Waveform.   

This IRI event appears to have begun around 12:35 UTC – minus 6 hours for NE local time – and continues at this time albeit largely in a censored form. It is now 10:45 AM local in NE.  

Here is the CoD Single Site Digital Reflectivity 0.5 degrees imagery for KGYX…

This is the CoD image showing the Hydrometeor Classification product. Here you begin to see a more dynamic effort to censor the event; its blank !

Intellicast imagery of the event…

CONUS2 Mosaic imagery…

This is an annotated image to show the diameter of the Future Weapons assault which is centered in southeast Maine…

The UCAR Mosaic product showing the event…

UCAR single site imagery for NEXRAD KGYX… In this image the installation’s single site Range Ring is seen. It is shifted north of the impacts center as it is only the central site imaged. The larger reality resides in a perimeter far larger and in need of multiple sites to be imaged in totality…

Last, for now, is the Weather Underground’s single site imagery. These loops show, once again, just how the system wipes, scrubs, negates the data stream which has allowed this Synthetic Plasmic beacon to be imaged. 

RADAR down for maintenance… Yeah, right ! ?

For your consideration…

This Future Weapons Arms Race R and D is outside of Law !

Crew…  18th December 2017

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