Hobart Australia – BoM Radar Wipes Data Amid Covert Plasmic Waveform Op

Hobart, Australia, being part of the BoM interface, has been censored, wiped, negated for hours prior to and during the creation of the imagery which shows this synthetic plasmic impact.

This is the data sheet showing the spikes that have been imaged as they have slipped through the scrubbed timestamps of the Real Time Data streams. 


Weather Online version of this second rind event…

256km BoM Product…

128km BoM Product… 

This is a quick look at the first Ring image which is on the MINDS channel…


Here is a link to Mt Koonya, Tasmania Radar from the past…


Crew… 13th December 2017

Note: Much has been subject to change with the departure of o. from the sites he established. We hope to return to a more consistent presentation of facts concerning the Future Weapons Arms Race which is upon us all in this Age of Technocracy… 


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