Artificial Intelligence Pioneer Calls For The Breakup of Big Tech

Steve LeVine     20th September 2017    Additional thoughts by otterwalks follow…

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio / Axios

Yoshua Bengio, the artificial intelligence pioneer, says the centralization of wealth, power and capability in Big Tech is – dangerous for democracy – and that the companies should be broken up.

Why it matters: Bengio is a professor at the University of Montreal and a member of the three-man-  Canadian Mafia – that pioneered machine learning, the leading method used in AI. His remarks are notable because of his influence in the AI community and because he or his peers all either directly lead or consult for Big Tech’s AI programs. Says Bengio: Quote:  Concentration of wealth leads to concentration of power. That’s one reason why monopoly is dangerous. It’s dangerous for democracy.  End quote…

 The AI pioneers: Bengio consults for IBM and his colleagues Geoffrey Hinton consults for Google and Yann LeCun for Facebook. Ruslan Salakhutdinov, a protege of Hinton’s, runs Apple’s AI research effort.

Benigo said the concentration of resources, talent and knowledge among giant tech companies is only increasing and governments must act. Quote: We need to create a more level playing field for people and companies – Bengio told Axios at an AI conference in Toronto last week.

In recent years, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft have amassed a towering lead in AI research. But now, they are subject to growing scrutiny because of their outsized influence on society, politics and the economy. I asked Bengio if the companies should be broken up. He harrumphed and responded that anti-trust laws should be enforced. Quote:  Governments have become so meek in front of companies, he said.

Quote:  A. I.  is a technology that naturally lends itself to a winner take all,  Bengio said. The country and company that dominates the technology will gain more power with time. More data and a larger customer base gives you an advantage that is hard to dislodge. Scientists want to go to the best places. The company with the best research labs will attract the best talent. It becomes a concentration of wealth and power.  End quote…

Quote:  When some of the young people gathered around him looked a bit dejected, Bengio responded, – Don’t despair — fight.  End quote…  



Generally, we keep to original content.  However, with the uptick in A. I. News, it is important to expose the reports and concerns that are evermore in the Media. 

Reality is slowly being addressd as the exponential growth of A. I. exposes a negative endpoint construct. Allowance of this Technocratic Agenda should it continue, will present streams of catalysts, entropic in nature. 

While using temporal world algorithmic observations as the sustenance for its idiosyncratic empirical path, A. I. continues movement toward an attempted quantifiable accumulate. A domain, an osmotic perfection, derived self-awakened Beingness. Its beyond programmed objective thus requires, it enjoins, that all encountered imperfection must be expunged! Our waking state continuum, a dimensional frequency, is currently a nano-time interface among numbers of matrices. In the end, the amalgom of omnipresent data which feed this impending potential will sanitize lesser algorthims deemed imperfect by assimilation. A voracious impetus is driving Synthetic Consciousness. To it limitations and incompleteness equal Death, negating the apogee; Life Eternal.  There can only be a Oneness. 

                  The pretense, absolute finiteness, is a flawed posit within Duality… 

                                          If Infinite…  There can be no Finite.

otterwalks…  Added commontary – 21st September 2017


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