Heavy Metal Parhelion vs. Natural Halo with Sun Dogs

25th April 2014 started as haze. The earths rotation gave rise to a higher sun in the glare of a dare I say; blue sky…

Then came 10:30 AM Eastern and the beginnings of thirty witnessed aerosol passes, largely from the northeast heading southwest.  At about noon a set of three dark bodied cargo planes flying in formation was witnessed returning to the northeast.  Soon another single, 747 or 777 Type aircraft of light color, used the same corridor heading northeast.  The end result was naturally a leadened sky, followed the next day by precipitation.  This was predicted by the usual suspects, The National Weather Service, NOAA, the script reading local affiliate meteorologists, et al. .


Here is the result, captured by Crew.  The post cards call them Sun Dogs.  They have formed in historic record. It is an ice crystal saturation, of specific type and orientation, that creates this prismatic effect.  In this case it would be synthetic ice nucleation that was the culprit; it was witnessed and photographed.  Given the lack of full spectral color, and past experience with color in the sky, I would venture that this is at least in some part metals refracting these hues. They are not of the prismatic rainbow spectrum; the ROY-G-BIV of our teachings in youth.


Now, it was time to get inside as the fallout was rapidly descending. It was just over three hours from beginning to this exodus point in time.  Imagery was no longer telling, the leadened sky no longer revealed data.  The aircraft where on their way back to, or from, Maine way; doubtless spraying while cloaked by their earlier works…

Yeah, I know…  Nothing to see here…  Move along…  Well moving along, this is an image from 16th September 2017. This was taken in Germany and credit goes to Sky Gazer, an avid sky watcher, and archival photographer.

The west coast sees many of these events. They label them SunDogs or Halos. The term Parhelion is not even correct for this capture given the catalysts. This is a Heavy Metal Parhelion. A Classic Sun Dog has mirrored secondary suns at three and Nine o’clock in the classic, natural occurrences. Some only show one, others may have them at twelve or six o’clock. The location of the sun and atmospheric conditions being the bringer of these traits.  

These are, in all likelihood, photographs of naturally formed, true Halo and Sun Dog Events. They are Parhelion images from, or nearing, polar regions. 

Sun Dog Stockholm, Sweden – Open sourced…

Antarctic Sun Dog… Open sourced…

Sun Dog / Halo Annotated image… Weather Network…

Here is a link to a mislabeled, absolutely horrifying, Aerosolized Heavy Metaled Parhelion event captured in a thirty some second video. The video is from a South Florida event.  That alone begs question…   Look at those Clouds???

Link:  http://stormvisuals.com/florida-weather/2013/3/15/stunning-sun-dog-timelapse-video-over-south-florida.html 

And… The weird event capture prize goes to… I don’t know what to label this. It is certainly a mess and doubtless do to Aerosol catalysts. It is truely sad.

        Survive-All…     Awareness is Preparedness…    Look UP!…  

otterwalks and Crew…    17th September 2017

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