Marburg, Australia Ionospheric Heater Spiral Presents – Spinning Radiant Flow – RDF – The Path of Least Resistance

Date: 050917 – Location: Brisbane-Marburg; with a side of Gladstone, Australia. – The Event: Ionospheric Heater Assault – Ex. Spiral Vortex Label… More will likely be added in the future, including links to archived events, new events, and a research terminology uptick.

Ex: RDF – Radar Devisor Function…   Pi…   Yet to present…

In a very short, abreviated statement, radar works at its peak when it flows with a Pi like curvature. Think Fibonacci… That curve is expressed throughout life on Earth. Growth presents it due to the lacking friction of the pathway. This goes to Tesla mysticism; The Scalar Bottler Paradox. It is fitting that this ultra verse window shows up as this pathway. A laser radiates in a straight line. When impacted by a second Laser, an Action occurs. There is a zone with a complete absense of all matter. This proven physics action/reaction left open the logical need to research that absence. In the end, the region, an absolute void, must have been something in its nothingness. Hence the Paradox. This curvature of Laser beacons colliding has been taken to levels well beyond the posits origins.  An indepth review is needed singularly. For now, here isa link which may have some insites.

Link – re – RDF:  

The higher math that is foundational to the Agenda has its vernacular. The Frequency Vernacular. That is an evolving linguistic metamorphosis… There exist basic words used to embue, or aid, a minds eye visualization. They continue to evolve. Many will remain pertainent and are worthy of note. Change is a constant. New labels compressed expressions will continue to evolve. Here, for now, lay speak is attempted. It’s a rather – Lost in Translation – issue for all concerned. It has a massive potentil for semantics to enter the dialogue.

Now, here is a Spiral Vortex, to some, this is, semantics at work. The visuals give substance to that label.Here, it is an attempt to elucidate veritas. It is a near real time Future Weapons Assault. Human intuit will aid the gauging of the R and D data stream results. The visuals encapsulate a storied Technocratic Agenda.

Australia’s peppering of installations…  A continued effort works to expand the number, and upgrade the function of these Australian Radar and Array installations. BoM, Raytheon, – the Deep State, as is said, Here and Now – and DARPA collude with Think Tanks and other Globalist funded, Compartmentalized source feeds. We will not give a pass to the Corporate Military Complex, at this time, either…! We are in a Future Weapons Arms Race. Daily there is more allusion to Particle Weapons and Space Platforms. Soon you will doubtless begin to hear statements regarding ocean floor arrays. That is another article, as the passage of Frequency, even those that are Synthetic Plasmic in nature, are foreshortened in their Radio Tomographic action. The waveforms penetration is impeded through its passage of bodies of water. 

Below is the BoM hourly feed. It runs four images that are cherrypicked and shown with timestamps on the 42nd minute of the hour. 

Another option… The BoM satellite feed without the clickable single site locations. The Atmospheric static state is telling in its exposure. 

The imagery continued; here listed as Brisbane/Marburg…

One of the Queensland returns…

Other image options; here the borders and rivers are added…

Various combinations are available. Here, terrain and rivers, are eliminated…  

The single site returns from Marburg, Australia Radar … 

This loop exposes the wiped frames of the event. The constant ten minute frames show a drop, or wipe of data from 12:10 EST through 13:00 EST. As always thesis a de facto confirmation that the assault lasted longer; in this case, it puts the event at a minimum of two hours and twenty minutes, with a window for it to have been longer. 

The essence is distilled down to this… Transparency – ?… Who knows how much of the data is truly revealed for public assimilation? In the least we can confirm what has been presented and logic demands we add the potential that this started soon after the first; prior image. It may well have continued, if the data is veritas, until just prior to the 13:00 EST frame; it being the first return without the event. Given a system of ten minute images, that expands the events potential another eighteen minutes. That brings the total potential to two hours and thirty eight minutes. 

Again… Who knows what has been scrubbed? There is instrumentation that will cross-reference the Pulse. At this time, it has not been researched. It is another potential update initiative. 

Last… The BoM site menu imagery… First, Marburg ranged at 512km…


This Plasmic Waveform was imaged by more than its peak, central power location used to present the mosaics. This is Gladstone’s installation, to the North, imaging this impact in the 512km product.

This is what a complete return data page looks like on the BoM site..  

The Intensity Series, Intensity Histogram, and the 512km image are shown, as are the timestamp and frequencies. At least as many as the illustrator is formatted to furnish.

Crew out…      Updates as they are made available – editing too boot…   

5th September 2017

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