Port Hedland, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring… 25th June 2017

Port Hedland, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring…                          25th  June  2017

This synthetic plasmic pulse appears to have lasted approximately ten minutes. As always, that is going by what data was retrievable, and accepting it as a complete, transparent representation of the event.

Some, in the field, would call this short display a Hop. The reason for that being that there is a world wide network, including space platforms, which are used in sending these plasmic, over the horizon bursts, from point to point. This potential ping may have been energized and rebounded with a triangulated end point having been programmed. Then there is the very real potential that A.I. may have a hand in its traverse. It may have needed further Ionospheric projections and Earth bound returns prior to a locale collecting myraidal data. At this point, the entire Earth has been mapped to the depths assessable to the Radio Tomographic passage of the Waveform. Different substrats allow more or less passage. Water, oceans and aquifers slow the beams passage, shortening its penetration. There is not enough transparency to follow a specific beacon as it rebounds around the globe.

It is clear that different installations are optimized for consistent Ring and Spiral Vortex type imagery. At least the installations format their hits and endpoint impacts in predictable illustrations. 

Port Hedland, Australia: Radar with satellite data and BoM and US Radar and Array installations. The shapes and colors denote the type of installation. However, Australia is upgrading continuously, and Arrays undertake auspices of the US are covert. Australia itself cannot access Learmonth’s Exmouth Array site on the central Western coast. More on Exmouth in the future. It is a massive and powerful installation. It is on most of the map locator systems should you wish to have a look see now.

The spin on this type of Ring is that it is a glitch or better yet, a snow ring. All well and good, except they show up mid summer quite often. Examples will be forthcoming. Here is a link to a video of a Port Hedland Ring dated 14th May 2016.  

Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/05/14/irihaarp-ring-event-port-hedland-australia/ 

Here is a Daily mail article … There is a similar imaging of a ring event out of Kalgoorlie, Australia in the Southwest region. A video of the Ring is below the first European Ring image seen at the top; scroll down and you will see this well worn image followed by the video, hot linked…  

Link:   http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-1373605/An-icing-The-mysterious-doughnut-shaped-clouds-really-mea.html

The article is utter nonsense, it is one of the snow ring talking points which at the time were attached to – these anomalous – radar images. So, first it’s a snow storm, potential in the atmosphere, as they found out there was no snow falling upon the region. Next, it was a doughnut shaped UFO. Finally it was touted as a Radar Glitch. It was none of the above…

Returning to Port Hedland and the Ring registry of the 26t June 2017… Here are the archived images.  

The Weather Underground shows this located at Mount Goldsworthy…

BoM 512km…




64km central static activity detail…

From otterwalks archives…  

Crew standing in…    Crew over and out…     3rd September 2017

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