Perth – Airport, Australian Radar Exposes Heater Ring Assault – 28th August 2017

Australian Radar had been largely offline for several months. The go to site has a 72 hour archival system to access. Being offline and tied directly to Australia’s version of the NWS and NOAA is BoM – The Bureau of Meteorology – and with it down, only a site with a maximum of three hours available became the go to; tedious… 

Well, the system is sort of back. Perth Airport Radar, north of the city of Perth in the SW of Australia, presented an Ionospheric Heater Event; a Ring ablaze with frequencies. Different sites show images from different times. These are formatted from what data was uncensored. Seems they have been busy at BoM, recoding and likely adding new filters. They have an ongoing upgrade program which will soon rival NEXRAD in its tech capabilities. Australia is integral in the Heater agenda, having sites that can take hits, amplify the waveforms power and send it back to the ionosphere to rebound back to a new location.

The Future Weapons Arms Race is alive and well, the continent being located closer to the pole makes it an active hub, in season. By that I mean the R and D, and the influx of personal is seasonal at the poles. Summer is a peak time to use a polar locale for this agenda. And, all developed nations are working frequency weapons at varied levels and of differing natures. That said, here are the images.  

The BoM Home site, imaging at 128km…  

This is the look of a whole page with data formatted in different ways.  

256km imagery…  

512km imagery…  Highly censored with only two frames…

Here is a look at a piece of the menu, the installations that are open source, with a frame containing the ring event.   

Not very many frames to construct loops with, but much data is seen in the overall grouping. This was run like a symphony, filled with changes that were blended. Waveforms that had loaded their carrier waves with values that changed throughout. 

Not praising the event, it is run by a Power driven, Eugenics based, sociopaths that fluff their feathers and tout how they are scientists…!  

Crew standing in… The word is o… may return soon. 

Quoting Oate Willie:   Onward through the fog… 

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6 Responses to Perth – Airport, Australian Radar Exposes Heater Ring Assault – 28th August 2017

  1. Popcicle says:

    TPTB are constantly up to no good for the planet as a whole and only the upper echelon benefit from these advances in technology when their corporations make mega bucks from the disasters they orchestrate. I hope you can view this video of Hurricane Harvey formation.

    Liked by 1 person

    • otterwalks: says:

      Wow…! I mean WOW! That is the whole op up to this point. Incredible. Do not know how you did that, act of love no doubt. Thank you and I hope you do not mind my sharing it.


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