Ionospheric Heater Event Exposed: KILN Cincinnati, Ohio NEXRAD – Core Hub

This was serendipitously unearthed on real time satellite feed.

Here are the actual frames of CoD’s Return loops. The first has an interval period marked  2300 UTC on the 22nd August ‘17. The next image shows 2306 UTC, followed two minutes later showing 2308, and then, jump to 0012 UTC on the 23rd. 

Translate Intent: The imagery is said to run on 6 and 10 minute captures on CoD; other sites may run on 10, 12, 15, 30 minute, or hourly and daily. The point is, there is an appointed time stamp framework. 

Here’s the rub! The return feeds are frequency continuum. The R and D methodology is streaming data in an attempt the feed the growing data hunger of  A.I.. In this instance, the de facto logical end is that the wiped hour and 4 minutes are being censored. This Ionospheric heater assault ran from at least 7 PM through 830 PM local time. The collection of data from as many sites as possible, bares out the truth through cross referencing.  

Confirmation of Future Weapons Impact is seen in the Echo Tops format, where among other data given, the image comes forth as Rings. The time stamps are the same through the CoD systems format menu.  

This is the Hydrometeor Class product.  

Vertical Integrated Liquid…  

Unisys Satellite Data confirmation of radiant.  

Less than an hour later that telling frame would have dropped off of the loop. One site will be scrubbed of all evidence, then a clue comes up which gives the direction alluding to the search parameters. You simply must have access to sites that carry archived imagery to begin to expand the myriad waveform construct. That is, its duration, waveform, amplitude, frequencies, phase, input signal/s propagation, et al..

An input signal combined with a carrier wave is a modulation scheme. Input, programed signals could be carried – without a carrier wave – by VLF electromagnetic waves. The Ionospheric Heaters are running in ULF, ultra low frequency, given the Future Weapons Frequency Arms Race, Technocracy is likely experimenting well beyond the current sensors ability to register the micro frequencies existence. Amplitude is key and 3.6 GHz or 3.6 billion watts is quite the enabler!

Crew…  24th August 2017

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