Grafton, Australia Ionospheric Heater Ring Event – A HAARP Ring in The Common Vernacular

The link at the base of this article will aid in comprehension, understanding, and the contemplation, involving critical thought. Respectively comprehending this unseen, unknown, radiant frequency eugenics assault is obscure and verbose. This is a segment, one small portion of the agenda of the co-opted Tesla mysticism which now presents in the active Future Weapons Arms Race.  

Bom 512km and 256km range…Detail central frequency impact using 128km range. Here the timestamps presented show the negation of data feeds. 

Next: Tuesday 23:10 GMT skips to Wednesday 01:50 GMT. Having run data on the ten minute format until 02:20 GMT, the time stamp, the loop, is wiped. It is scrubbed until 03:50 GMT. That is an across the board censorship of two hours. 

It can be assumed a de facto impact continued through that period of time and may have surpassed well beyond radiants the imagery produces that are said to represent weather conditions; precipitation, atmospheric conditions, and the context of continued R and D. That is the quantifier the masses need not see. Censorship is engaged with a frequency that it seems there are few enough of these operations that when one presents, the standard spin is that it is a glitch in the Radar system. The wiped data, as revealed below, is testament to the covert nature of these weapons systems.

This IRI impact had a second installation within the central core registry the mosaic collects to create the operation’s signature. 

Brisbane, on the east coast to the north, captured the same ring event; subsequently the offset of the center’s location. 

Detail imagery with time stamps and annotations. 1st – 01:42 UTC…  Next: It continues its waveform, including Radio Tomography, now 02:30 UTC…

The satellite imagery shows both aerosols to the south and excited, conductive atmospheric activity, generated by Antarctic operations, to the lower left and right.     

Links to varied format Australian Ionospheric Heater Operations which will aid in conceptualization of Frequency Deployment via the continued refinement of array class weapons. An attempt has been made to convey this Technocratic Agenda in general terms so that all may begin to comprehend the implications of their agenda.
22nd August 2017

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