Emerald -Central Highlands Ionospheric Heater Operation Continues -Passing Five Weeks -Continued Updates

August 2017 site news:

Soon to return… New tech is almost set and much catch up data from 2017 will begin to be presented.

Latest Update: 

The 28th saw no less than eight Ionospheric Heater Events. This still continues on the 29th.

Here is an image you should see. This is Emerald on the right, obviously, and Esperance continuing to refine a very likely future Operation.  

Thus far there have been four Ring Assaults on the 29th… More as the data reveals this ongoing Eugenics Agenda. 

As an aside, Back in the USA… NEXRAD KBLX – Billings, Montana has registered center a blended carrierwave Ionospheric Heater – HAARP/IRI – Ring! Only one site has exposed this event. All other Radar sites have wiped the time frames that are De facto confirmation of an eight hour Operation which clearly shows the implementation of a Weather Modification intent. More later…

Update: 28th November – 8:38 PM EST…  Today has seen no less than seven or eight Ring events register. One has lapsed over several timestamps and was impacting for a minimum of 1/2 hour. Likely, very likely, it ran closer to an hour. More on this data later…

Follow up: The bottom of this piece has frames added. They are the completed events recorded from the 27th November 2016. The Operation continues, now, the 28th November. You may note that all of the 27th’s Rings fall six minutes prior to the hour in this BoM imagery. It should also be noted that both Adelaide -Buckland Park and Esperance – a highly advanced installation – are beginning to appear in Radar returns with Ring and Spiral Vortex Operations respectively. More on that after data regarding the New Zealand EQ swarms and documentation showing multiple Rings Impacting the south Island, both in the days leading up to, and the day after the created event of note.

While this is not the first time this Ring type system has registered in the returns of Emerald -Central Highlands Radar, Australia, it is the longest run of modulated vector oscillations born of HAARP/IRI like technology. This Operation began with a regular daily series of Rings beginning in mid October, and it continues.

To be specific this continuum began it’s warm up phase – as you will see imagery later – on 17th October 2016. At least, that is the data I have been able to archive. It continued showing signs of adjustment on these days; the 20th, 24th, 25th, 28th, 30th, and 31st October 2016. Here is a Link to an earlier article on the Emerald Ring format agenda.  


The full on assault began 3rd November and has continued daily through this time, the 27th November. Updates will follow. 

The shear volume of images creates an issue in presentation. This will address the 25th November to the start of the 27th. The various Radar systems that are still operating with some form of transparency are showing images similar to those which follow. They have different time zone timestamps which aids in assessing the duration of each assault. For the most part they are lasting 10 to 15 minutes. There have been events where the impacting radiants have been scene to continue up to 1/2 hour. These daily archives show specific changes in format. Some of which is the power level which is registered. Mostly it is the timing of the Heater Impacts which change. They are running on similar timestamps by and large for a day or two. Then they will shift from, as example, on the hour to 1/2 passed the hour. Several days later it shifts to 24 minutes after the hour, then at 45 after the hour. Some days have 18 or 20 register, others have 6 or 7 Rings Impacting. Should you wish a specific date from this Operation, please feel free to make a request. For now they largely sit awaiting a time when they can be formatted for presentation. 

The 25th shows confirmation of the Rings Extreme Weather creation making it a prime and current run to show. These are single site returns at different Range Ring diameters. The timestamps are at the base.

Here is the Weather Underground site showing the timestamp of 20:50 UCT. Above, Bom Shows the Ring impact at 20:54 UTC. The next pair show the 21:50 UTC timestamp and 21:54 UTC can be seen above from BoM.  Given 20 minute loop imagery, you can begin to see the potential for these Rings lasting more the 4 minutes shown here.  

Here I am including prior or earlier returns to add further data. Below are returns from 11:50 GMT on the 25th November in the 256km range ring product. The zoom shows both interior central Rings and RDF – Radar Divisor Function. The major issue here is that this is not what Tesla had patented as the Scalar Bottle, also known as a Scalar Box. In that Epiphony. two Lasers intersect, that collision then creates a zone with a complete absence of All 3D matter. This point of collision and surrounding area, for simplicity in communication, becomes a Void. This raises the logical, questioning reasoning, that if it is now nothing, how is it to be conceived? This gave rise the to Scalar Bottle Paradox i.e. Nothing Must be Something… Hence, here we have the Scalar Bottle Mystic vision of Tesla being taken to a level far beyond his posit origins as stated in the patents. This is laser induction into  building, existing, impacting or fading Synthetic Plasmic Future Weapons. This aspect of the Operational R and D is visual as a reaction tracking toward the 10 o’clock position. You can see central rings begin to shift to curved outbursts aimed toward 10 o’clock.

Extreme Weather is apparent moving east around 3 o’clock.  There are numerous other potentials for R and D refinement and other agendas, not covered here, exist as well. They, well many of them, go to more esoteric, rather unprovable potentials. They reside in theory as potentials. Many are parallel to the CERN fringe thoughts and the dynamics in varied schools of  Physics. Something still too fuzzy to integrate here. The realities and the thought schools are encyclopedic. This is analysis of what is seen to be happening and imaged by this interfaced A.I. creation. That alone is more than most of us can wrap our heads around. It is another aspect which needs its own focused examination and I do have much to present regarding A.I..

This is the 128km product. This frame is timestamped 11:50 GMT, the same time as that of the ring assault. It is zoomed to the center of the ring, thus the bulk of the Waveform does not show. Here, in the central region you essentially have intrinsic sidelobe visuals. In Frequency beacons, spent EMF and returning Plasmic Waveforms there is a Leaching of Frequency or Plasmic Energy; it has a signature. It is the Entropic dissipation of Energy which resides beyond the template of all pulses, signals, Lasers, so on. Following the single frame is a zoom of the Extreme Weather beginning here at 12:00 GMT. Much Global Radar software programs have disabled broad Range Rings and or Mosaic imagery. This ends with the area of most power being registered as a HAARP/IRI event or Ionospheric Heater Event with no visible outer Ring Parameter showing. It is there, it is simple not being imaged in its entirety.    

These were a rarity. They are screenshot from WU showing the presence of the Emerald Ring in their single site Map of Australian Radar installations that they cover. That is, when censorship is not engaged… This shows 50 single site Radar installations which data is available from. During WW11 there were over 150 Radar sites across Australia. Many of those have been Upgraded as they say or closed. There remains airport Radars, satellite platforms, and various mobile Arrays which feed data into this imaging system. Obviously, we the populous of earth, are not privy to the data collection they functionally invest. 

17th October 2016…  

Moving into the 26th at 05:54 UTC and 05:50 GMT… UTC, GMT, and Z are the same time zones…  

WU at 05:50 UTC, followed by a surrounding loop…   

Note, this is listed as EST, Australian time. Eastern Standard Time – U.S. East coast time – as well as EDT – Eastern daylight Time – both equals GMT or UTC -4 hours. So, this return showing a Ring at 16:00 EST is actually the same event as the above shown at 11:50 GMT. So, there you have evidence that the Ring existed for ten minutes and there exists undocumented time prior to and after these timestamps which remain as unknowns. Was the Ring a longer Assault?

Same Ring again… This time the single site zoom in different product modes, showing 15:50 EST.

Between what has been stated above and the listed link, further statements are not needed to detail further. The data is in the Timestamps and legends.   

Same event as above, timestamped 00:00 EST…

And here we begin to see Ionospheric Heater activity continue into the 27th November.

The Update on the activity of the 27th November shows that five ring events registered, that we know of, on Radar.  

So, there you have a glimpse of over five plus weeks of a Future Weapon Operation which continues even now…! 

You may come upon the standard spin about ground clutter, snow rings, insects, birds, bats, and their favorite go to; a Glitch in the System. 

Now… Do you think for an instant that these Global Arrays, in their myriad forms, are going to be left in a state of needed maintenance? Yes, at times there will be a notice that a site is closed for maintenance. That generally happens when an event is occurring. It’s one of the formats used to negate data and or wipe the return in the end. 

There are experts onsite or near enough to have addressed – a glitch – in that period of time! I guarantee you…! This is evidence of an escalation in a Future Weapons Arms Race! We get little coverage of this overall and much of what is viewed is wiped prior to its being fully archived. It is Global in its scope and it ties directly to the GeoEngineering Aerosol Agenda. This is the Technocratic Agenda, born of The Money Powers, that Shadow Government spins a M.A.D. assault upon life on earth. 

We Are Being Exterminated…!  

otterwalks:  27th November 2016     Survive-All…    Awareness is Preparedness… 

Until a return to this Operation…   o…

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