HAARP/IRI Assault -NEXRAD KSRX Little Rock -Arkansas Center

Too much archived and too little time…

This was a recent assault on the peoples of Little Rock, Arkansas. While NEXRAD registers its center at the KSRX installation, The Conus Mosaics show it is not an Outburst. The Echo Tops are always telling. They segregate generated Bursts or Phased Array Pulses from incoming High RF, Plasmic Radio Tomography. The short of it is that this – Wheel – Event is a HAARP/IRI or Ionospheric Heater Ring Impacting. This goes on for over four hours. 

You have heard it before, so the images will tell the story. There are several hundred to format and There are multi rings to present besides. Among them are Iceland, which has been nonstop. My thoughts are the jailing of the last four Bankers. Norway, Ireland, no less than five regions in Australia, and here in the U.S. there has been activity in Boston, Columbus, Jacksonville, Amarillo, Wichita, Dodge City, Holloman -AFB and more. The Antarctic is showing activity as is the southern tier of Canada. You get the picture. The Technocratic Future Weapons Arms Race is in high gear.  

As always the censorship kicks in. Quote: Radar Down For Maintenance…

Here is an Echo Tops view. This view is from above NEXRAD’s basic functions. This is Stratospheric Registry from 70,000′. 

There is a start. 3.1 Billion or more Watts of power sent to rebound off of the Ionosphere and impact radiation, passing through all that is in its path. More to be added in both imagery and commentary. 

otterwalks:  26th October 2016


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8 Responses to HAARP/IRI Assault -NEXRAD KSRX Little Rock -Arkansas Center

  1. Wes says:

    Thank you for this post, and all your tireless, thankless work.
    For the last year, here in Dodge City, Kansas at least, there is a new level of escalation and seemingly a panic state inside the vortex of control; those who would quash humanity.

    I believe the cabal has reached a tipping point, and they are trying to recover from their losses, but they won’t. There will be little they can do to stop the new energetic responses from our toroidal travel path in our new cosmic space. And they know it.

    Here in Dodge City the escalation has gotten to the level where I can feel the electric tension, and even hear the sound of electricity in the air. It has a devastating affect on me at times, and I’m 100% sure others also. Especially older people, and those already in lesser states of health.

    The cabal has failed to eliminate humanity, and they never will succeed, especially now that we’re in a new higher energetic place in the cosmos. We’re entering into a new age of being, and there’s no turning back.

    The solution is knowing this, and those who will embrace these concepts, and increase their awareness will be at the helm of humanity in the future.

    One last thing; there is a major disclosure in the works, the scum of the surface is trying to stop it by any means possible. This war against us in the form of electric assaults is one way among thousands of assaults currently being deployed.

    But they won’t succeed, and they’re feeling the sting. Disclosure notwithstanding.

    By all means, continue this disclosure, you’re a big part of the solution.


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    • otterwalks: says:

      Thank you for the comment. Ft. Dodge has been hyperactive and I am lagging far behind in the presentation of Global events. Tech is always an issue it seems, and then there are just not enough hours to collect the data and then format it – almost all from individual screenshot – then get them to post. Hoping to do some catch up soon. I also try not to post too often as I don’t wish to flood followers email.
      As to hearing it. I used to hear the – Hum – years ago, now I not only hear when it is Operational, I feel it. There are a massive number of people becoming sick due to EMF exposure. At least that is what those that are attempting to treat are calling it.
      I have developed grounding systems and quiet rooms to find some form of break from this onslaught of frequency.
      Your optimism is heartening. I hope you continue to pass around such positive energy. Be well, o…


  2. Concerned4us says:

    Just read an article on 10/25/16 about the Antarctic ice shelf and the depletion happening. I suspected this is being done deliberately thru their microwave weaponry to melt the shelves. What in the heck can we as a people, do? What nation/s can fight this onslaught? Surely Russia has some of this technology and of course Israel.

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    • otterwalks: says:

      It is Global. There is a Future Weapons Arms Race happening now. As to the Antarctic reports, they come from NASA, so I give them little heed. That is not saying they are not penetrating both polar regions with Induced Radio Tomographic, Synthetic Plasmic Waveforms, just that the melt is more likely below the surface. No different than the cause of the Arctic Methane Releases that are potentially in a feedback loop. They have excited the subterranean molecular Foundations of these regions and all of the locations that are under continuous assault. Which is pretty much planet Earth given the number and the escalation of power in use by these Heaters. There isn’t a world power that does not work to develop Directed Energy Weapons. That is a broad topic, but they all go to Frequency.
      As to what we can do? I continue to do my small part to expose and edify. The world is becoming aware. The Technocratic Agenda is being exposed. Drones… What Drones? Now, everyone has one. Same type of lies and awakening to them. That is what will bring about an end to this Death Cult’s M.A.D. Operations. Hopefully, sooner than later.
      More thoughts throughout the site, and more to come. Thank you for taking time to comment. o…


    • Wes says:

      hello there, do you mean the ice shelf is being depleted?
      I don’t keep up with news, or any sort of mainstream articles
      I’ll bet a double chili-dog dinner OW will say awareness is step 1

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      • otterwalks: says:

        I do not Believe any Al Gore, NASA, Climate Change is Anthropogenic Swill. The data is in. It is a Hoax! I imagine Change as a constant. There will be doubtless some varied surface changes everywhere. That they are the diminishing size of the Antarctic Ice is a diversion. What is really going on is over the South pole and is a Global agenda. Ozone Negation and increased UV Radiation is a planned and trackable fact. This is the basis for the Chicago Climate Exchange. The Money Powers are investing in this market, created in 2010. This is the Psy-op of Global Warming which is leading to CO2 Taxation. Now, In working this effort to fruition, aimed at making money by taxation and negation of rights and services. – To name a few things… – The Future Weapons Arms Race is reeking havoc upon the Polar regions. We see few of the doubtless hundreds, if not thousands of Ionospheric Heater impacts that are creating conditions which logically will begin to melt permafrost in these areas. We have no open source data on Greenland for instance. This is a covert War relating to the NWO 1st Commandment. Depopulation. First they wish to see us suffer as they bleed us dry! The Global houses, should they succeed, will in the end turn upon each other. Not unlike – Highlander – There Can Be Only One! The Pathology opens the door to Hot War across Earth. The corruption of the Mystic Tesla Technology, is being flooded with funding. See the tags or category McMurdo Station for more information. If I get started, I will not keep the new data flowing. I am in such need of more tech and it would be nice if life would slow down and let me catch up. To be continued. I hope I have addressed some part of what you were seeking. o…


      • otterwalks: says:

        I should have taken the time to edit that response. There is a vein of Anthropogenic Global issues. They are being created by the Technocrats.They exist within the realm of Humanity, yet it is still arguable whether they should be labeled as Human; which to me contains a quality of compassion, respect, and a love of life… o…


      • otterwalks: says:

        Just so I am not misleading, here is a link to one of many articles on how this scam works. Naturally this is only the money aspect. You are going to have to look under many rocks to find out they have an Operation to ensure their win. Link: http://humanevents.com/2007/10/03/the-money-and-connections-behind-al-gores-carbon-crusade/ There are many search terms – Blood and Gore is a good one. The above link is from a 2007 article.


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