Yarrawonga Ring Largely Wiped Follows Giles -Ring’s Days of Build Up -With Emerald -Central Highlands HAARP/IRI – Ionospheric Heater Experimentation – Ground Zero Australia

Developing:  Global Heater Activity Accelerates 

Returning from tech issues and it seems there is far more to present than past timelines would have one think. Generally speaking there is a seasonal change which brings about the increase in the Technocratic Future Weapons Operations. There is a constant; the switch from Arctic to Antarctic in seasonal processions. The explanation is that the EM Field of Earth is at an optimized tilt to enhance the generation of these events, covered herein, in general. As almost always this is being shorthanded in its explanation. Later some images will be added that will give visual clarity to these statements.  

At this time, the point which I believe will become ever more a talking point is that it seems highly likely that advancements in Frequency Weaponization have come to a point where the perigee and apogee are become irrelevant. The Actuarial feeds have fed enough data to The Algorithm that new pathways have streamlined the prior need to make use of Global positioning. This too will be returned to and further discussion on A.I., optimal array generation timelines, the uptake in Synthetic Plasmic Assaults, and their breadth globally, will all be articulated. 

These, for lack of better wording, are my edified Posits. They are – or will be – presented based on decades of personal experience and the inundation of data that, despite censorship, is revealing a continuum of Global activity. There are also GeoPolitical aspects I believe pertinent and which will remain covert in many locations being used in this Arms Race. The issue of Methane release, Extreme Weather from drought to floods, Radio Tomographic repercussions – which we will see as time passes, and a key Operation largely overlooked; Ozone Negation which has direct ties to the admitted GeoEngineering Agenda are also being processed. That is naming only a few of the panoply of issues that this Agenda foments. Nothing goes unused in this Eugenics, Technocratic Experimentation; there are no failures…! 

Now… Here we are looking at Giles, Australia presenting, what for ease in description is showing a speckled Ring. The Spin that is often heard on State Run Meteorologic Weather reports, blog posts to Weather sites, and – Wikipedia – like statements of fact, is that this is a snow ring. Giles has been undergoing upgrades to its installation for years. Over the last months there have been constant hints that something was coming. Prior to the events you are about to see, Giles was actively oscillating amplitude, modulation, vector magnitude – and here the tech words stop – as waveform frequencies grew to be constants approaching an equilibrium of the value of the first vibrational attainment; the perfection sought by A.I. 

The images will be telling. The Giles – Snow – Ring, Yarrawonga, and the continued Emerald -Central Highlands Ring that continue to assail the Australian populous, it’s lands, and all life forms as they exist at this time. Australia is not alone as a Proving Ground. There are many more Events in the Archive to bring forth,

This is a full page image of the ring at Yarrawonga. This is the 512km range ring format. Details regarding the varied frequencies are open sourced, appearing on the right. This does not mean that – All – of the carrier waves are represented, but they can, to a degree, be postulated.  Here is the 04:15 GMT – UTC – Timestamp…

Australia’s BoM Interfaced Radar Network has begun the same censorship that is frequently evident in other Global returns which show this M.A.D. experimentation. In the upper right is the frame number. The loops which have been put to gif format are in that linear numerological format. The Timestamps are in the lower left corner. They will show the areas that have been wiped. It is likely that this event continued for at least four hours. It is possible that it had a longer duration as the timestamps given will show such a potential. 

Here is a 512km return showing the Emerald Ring…  

This next frame shows a Timestamp of 05:46 GMT. It is the next image of Yarrawonga after the Ring event shown above. That is a one and one quarter hour absence in the timeline. From the earlier 04:12 UTC time, we are seeing a potential for over 1.5 hrs.missing after the apparent first registration.

Computer glitch… This image is an overlay without the background image of Australia. It appeared on the desktop when shutting down the device… ? I thought I would share it with you. If you drag the images from BoM Radar Returns, when you put them to GIF, the overlay is given a black background. This is a fluke…

Timestamp: 00:49 GMT 13th October 2016, in the 256km imagery… All images prior to the 04:15 GMT Event shown on this site are chronologically the same. This is likely the – potential – frame before the Yarrawonga Ring began. It is the numbered frame that was in the loop and there is a three hour and thirty four minute wipe of data… That wiped data preceded the Ring Image which is shown at 04:15 GMT on this site. Thus far the evidence points to a six hour impact, not the 12 to 20 minute event shown. This statement is based on De facto Logic. The frames are missing with no real reason for the ten minute spaces that make up the Radar single site returns.

Continuing with the 256km format…  

256km full page image…  

128km format…  

64km format…  

This is another product, it is the Doppler Wind Data Loop at 128km. This event occurred, not at the time of the Ring as presented, but at 06:13 GMT, basically, two hours after the Yarrawonga Ring is imaged.

Now, here we see new relevant information regarding the structure of the loop programs. We have seen over 4.5 hours prior to the Ring wiped and another 1.5 hours after. This brings forward the potential that there was a six hour Ring at Yarrawonga. Below is a loop of the frames as they were produced in the loop string. The numbers are in the upper left. The image above is number 39 of 92, appearing as 39/92. At the end of these nine images, the standard ten minute loop returns as the censorship ends. This is the list of Timestamps as they appear through this area of the format loop. All are listed in GMT…   1 – 21:43 GMT on the 12th  2 – 05:53  3 – 05:57  4 – 06:03  5 – 0613  6 – 0648  7 – 0703  8 – 0713  9 – 0723…  This is a total of at least 9.5 hours of lapsed time where forty – or more – frames should exist, rather than these seven frames – conservatively speaking…! 

Finally, this is the one image of the Yarrawonga Radar Tower that has turned up in research. It is labeled  – The Two Towers of Yarrawonga. It is of the same external visual structure of the Serpentine Radar Installation which can be found under the Links to Serpentine, Australia. The research and past events are here, there is much to catch up on and there is much data coming much data is coming.   

otterwalks:  15th October 2016 

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