Hofn, – or a Nearby Installation – Images Eastern Icelandic HAARP/IRI Assault – Followed by Shift to The SW With Keflavik Ring Impact

Hofn, Iceland located on the central eastern seaboard has had another multi-hour IRI assault…! This Ring Event is located seemingly inland of the once U.S. run Hofn, Iceland air-base – H-3… It now appears to be under the auspices of the U.N., if research is factual? The first image is unique to all images that have been presented previously.  1*   This is a peak High RF, – transformed to synthetic plasma having been rebounded off of the Ionosphere at least once – ELF -VLF -ULF – ? captured at the moment of it’s impacting. 

Here are linear timestamp image loops of ten frames that cover 13 hours. The event clearly continues from 30th September at 08:30 through 21:30. It is continuous for at least thirteen hours. After that Operation, the focus is shifted to the SW of Iceland…

East Iceland single site Radar Return shows a sizable circumferential range ring capture. As these open source loops run at one image every fifteen minutes, with any nanosecond having the potential to contain an image to present, this is either a flaw in the system or this diametric spread in width which lingered… Something had to be put to frame, or the loop need be wiped of the time frame coverage. 

This last loop is included to show the fade of the event. The Ring imagery does not need specific weather patterns moving through the region to appear. The Ring Impacts may be highlighted by atmospheric conditions. Rings are visual data specific to timestamped events. 

These are two old maps of the air defence system set up by the U.S.. Six are shown. Five are said to be operational. All have been handed over to NATO oversight; if there is truth in what research turns up? 

An issue comes up regarding the center of the Ring and the closest Radar Array system. The maps and satellite imagery show – H-3 – Hofn  AFS to the southwest of the location that must house instrumentation created for actuarial data collection. 

Intrapulse phase coding, digital pulse compression, Doppler integration data acquisition, all act to control signal processing, display return imagery, including storage and automatic data analysis functions.

Note: This is the homepage for SSL – UML Space Science Lab…

Giro is potentially out of date. More likely it does not notate all instrumentation locations. Then there is the very real potential that East Iceland’s data collection ground systems are in place, recording and passing the actuarial data to the Algorithm. The potential also exists that this data has been collected and formatted by mobile land based systems. It does seem to be consistent in it’s location over time, it should be noted.

otterwalks:  2nd October 2016b 

The shift to the southwest of Iceland. There is some overlap in these assaults!

                The 2nd October, moving into the 3rd…   

This round, The assault has moved to Keflavik, Iceland in the southwest region… 

1*   Link:  https://otterwalks.wordpress.com/2016/09/19/keflavik-a-key-assault-that-threatens-life-globally-ionospheric-heater-assault-again-become-visible-in-returns/ 

Numerous links to further research and archived data at the above Link…

otterwalks:  3rd October 2016

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5 Responses to Hofn, – or a Nearby Installation – Images Eastern Icelandic HAARP/IRI Assault – Followed by Shift to The SW With Keflavik Ring Impact

  1. Wes Wolf says:

    At some point in the not too recent past, these (so-called) events showed up on someones radar, we read about and discussed it and waited for the next event. They were a few days apart, perhaps weeks between when we found out about them.
    But now, something’s happening to escalate these events, and I want to find out what it is.
    Seemingly daily now, we can count on finding out about yet another unfathomable attack, pushing us further down the rabbit hole.
    It’s difficult to imagine, given your prolific articles, how you maintain an even keel.
    To what end their control scurries into the dark corners of manipulation and physical detriment, we may never see clearly, but your writing is certainly shining light where none exists.
    Thank you for these posts. I read all of them, most of them more than once.
    One reason I’m interested in your posts is because I live in Dodge City, Ks, home to one of their circular radar towers. The tower is at the airport, and I see the signatures on the weather radar websites all the time.
    Most folks around here will never be able to digest any apprehension that this drought is man-made. The cognitive dissonance is too strong. But I keep trying, and will never stop telling good people, about the programming they’re subject to.
    Keep up the good work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • otterwalks: says:

      Well Wes, You are far too kind. Dodge City – Fort Dodge; always an interesting return. For years I have watched the four locations that surround the installation that form a quadrilateral. It appears as almost four spots in a near rectangle. I can only suspect these are Hot spots. Locations where the presence of radioactive materials of some nature have been and continue to show as stable, non moving, installations, bases, or dump sites. Today, the 6th October, KDDC has been actively mimicking small scale HAARP/IRI like RF Outbursts.
      I only wish I had the time to report all of the data that gets archived. You are getting maybe one of a dozen events. I am working toward presenting specific locals when their assaults reach a point that they can be combined, rather than each event being presented independently. I have been on Matthew since they first began this Man-made Extreme Weather Operation. Still archiving data. They are working it heavily. Waiting to catch the Heater burst that they will no doubt wipe as quickly as possible. Really very sad just how hard it is to get this type of information through to people. I can’t even talk about it with extended family. And, they know this was my field. It has taken me many years to be able to communicate with people on a level that turns that light bulb over their heads on. It always used to be a blank stare when I tried to explain. Soon, I am going to begin advanced presentations. It may be time to upgrade and have a separate area for advanced dialogue. Sorry… keep getting distracted by this and that. Hope this is readable. Thank you for taking the time to comment and best of luck. We can count on change. One day people will flock to hear what you have been aware of. Seems ignorant Bliss is a commonality for the moment. Doubtless, that will end with a hunger and revitalized critical thought. Well, at least people will begin to question Future Weapons and the issues of frequency. Be Well, o…


  2. INGAORAMA says:

    Reblogged this on ingaorama and commented:
    Það er búið að vera mikið spilað á “HAARP” á Íslandi þetta ár 2016 ja ..og NEXRAD ´líka…og Reykjanesið er Atlants hafs hryggurinn..en fyrir Austan er það að ég sé -Kárahnjúka virkjunarsvæðið… Er verið að kynda undir jarðskjalfta ? Eða verið að kveikja á eldfjalla virkni? Sennilega bæði… They have been doing this “play ” a lot this year….

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  4. otterwalks: says:

    Hope all is well… It just keeps going, though I do see that the Keflavik region had one day of heavy weather lately, which was free of the Technocratic assault. Iceland… Leading the World toward liberty…!


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