Darwin -Berrimah -Australia -HAARP/IRI Ring With Recent Heater Events

This is about recent Ionospheric Heater and Interfaced Radar Outbursts which have been quite frequent in Australia of late. The unique curvature and the form seen in the Darwin Ring, and the frequencies denoted by the image colors are the focus of this data. After the beginning loop, which covers archived events from over the last three days, there is an annotated detail image and some single site images. They are shown with the relevant data regarding their formats. 

Doubtless you have noted the unique stature of this image representation. Not having the streaming return data, in nano-timed segments, leaves much open to speculation. For the moment it demands further study and any other statements would be speculative. It does give some clues as to the construct of the beacons frequencies and the Waveform is telling of itself. There are also induced Laser bursts imaged passing through the impacting Plasmic Radiant. This is likely the reason for the curvature seen with this Rings Form. This is likely a highly refined R and D Experimentation. It seems Scalar in the Pi value this creation presents. It however is not simply Tesla Scalar Bottle Paradox. It is leagues ahead; a Technocratic or A.I. Leap. Wheels have been seen, both from ground based Outbursts and Ring registries that image showing this changing movement of a once stable Waveform. When hit with secondary Laser Induction once straight outward radiants curve; this due to the excitement of the constant. the alleviation of the cutting linear laser pulse/s will turn, moving to a path of least resistance. Again, this is speculative at this time. It is founded on sound data as is available, but that data falls short in revealing an actuarial totality at this moment. It will be returned to if or when it is deciphered. 

To the East is Emerald – Central Highlands where for weeks there has been Ring activity. Darwin -Berrimah Radar is to the north and the southwest spiral is the Esperance Radar beginning a new operation. Esperance seems to be constructed specific to a parallel operation which goes to ground based interfaced multi laser induction impacting wheel like radiants. Again this is advanced beyond the simplistic collision of two ground based lasers that Tesla put forth in his Visionary work on the Scalar Waveforms creation and the resultant paradox; the absence of all matter.Therein lies the paradox. The absence of matter, the creation of a Void, necessitates that the presence of Nothing, Logically demands it be something. Hence, The Scalar Bottle Paradox…

There is so much global activity that I cannot present it. It is fair to say that the Future Weapons Arms Race is in high gear. That the experimentation being carried out on life on Earth has accelerated and continues to do so. That said, here are some images to ponder. 

This is the single site image at 512km… 



For your consideration…  

otterwalks:  27th September 2016

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2 Responses to Darwin -Berrimah -Australia -HAARP/IRI Ring With Recent Heater Events

  1. dm says:

    Any thoughts of why Australia would be the target area being used for this R&D?

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    • otterwalks: says:

      It’s a Covert Global Operation. As it goes to Future Weaponry, many Nation States have an interest in keeping the Agenda hidden. For the moment there is a quantifiably small piece of transparency, remaining open access, as regards the interfaced Radar returns over the entirety of the Globe. That is not the case in say Africa, mainland China, or Russia, et al… The Arctic and Antarctica even more-so. Open source data is largely non existent in say Greenland, which is doubtless in continuous use. The current data will not last… Next: It happens to exist closer to a polar region, hence it is an optimum location within the southern hemisphere. These projections are optimized when created using the paths of the magnetosphere. Pulses may ping back and forth, North to South, being directed to any over the Horizon local in between, when they are triangulated for a final Radio Tomographic Impact. Should we see a long running event, if the data is available, it is generally an End Point Event. Most, generally speaking, short – one frame within a continuous timestamp loop – IRI events are received and retransmitted Beacons. The Earth’s land masses have had their subterranean structures mapped as part of these operations. If there was good open source intel from say, New Zealand; we would be seeing these assaults there as well. Though with the Globalist exodus to NZ it would likely be minimal. Australia is also covered by a continually upgraded and expanded interfaced network of Arrays and NEXGEN Radar installations. While they do exist across most all Nation States, a very large percentage of them remain covert, as does any and all data collected for the actuarial feeds to the Algorithm. The undersea arrays are another example. We are not receiving data that is within these frequency ranges being presented from these buoys or other instrumentation. We do have access, for the moment, to systems that show a range of microwave frequencies. At times they image these operations, when their primary function is alleged to be ocean temperature and weather events, and Solar Radiation. That is nature’s Plasma. What is shown is Manmade or Synthetic Plasma. For the moment Australia continues its upgrades and has not ended open source Radar returns. Last, it should be repeated that this is a toxic frequency experimentation. The R and D has no regard for the Health and safety of Life. But, hasn’t that always been the historic reality of Australia since western contact?


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