Exmouth Future Weapons Burst – Broome Radar Australia


For those that do not know, some information will come up on the Exmouth Array when searching. At one time it was the largest and most broad spectrum array on earth. As this Arms Race continues, it is hard to believe some Nation State out there, including the U.S., has not created a new and updated design. One of broadened frequency spectrum that is essentially sized up again, in its functional capacity, even if tech shrinks and accomplishes more, escalation is the Agenda. It is the name of the arms race game of death. 

Exmouth may be on the western coast of Australia, but it was constructed by the Corporate Military Complex under the auspices of  the U.S.. To This day Australia itself has no right to access. As seen below, it does not look at all like HAARP/IRI Gakona, AK. It does have a number of vertical towers at key locations. The satellite imagery does not show them. At times you will see their shadow. It’s geometric design, the compartmentalized conceptualization, the advent of continued actuarial input data from Ionospheric heater experiments, begat new visions in physics. The observable had brought forth new vision. The Architects found new Methodology. Exmouth went from a potential, a posit, becoming reality.

Broome Radar apparently does get some form of Radar data for the array’s function. Some have put forth the method being a program run through a Geosynchronous satellite or Space Platform interface. They are most certainly an integral part of the function of Exmouth R and D. Do to the diminishing availability of facts regarding this highly covert military installation, I will let the interested reader begin or continue their own research on this Future Weapon site and its history and its function/s. I will say: It, at this time, is in the hands of persons that bear us no good will…! 

For several days prior to the images which follow, the tell tale signs of activity were apparent. The blank region, the square shaped quadrant seen at 01:10 – 0112 UTC, was showing building activity. Thin Ring sign was visible, at varied diameters, from approximately the 6 to 9 o’clock position. As time passed those Range Rings began to spread to first include and then build in the  7 to 4 region where at 00:00 -00:12 UTC, the first pulse is recorded on the 12th September ‘16. These are some of the returns that exposed this Ionospheric Heaters online activity as it peaked. 

The above jump through timestamps to show different changes as they came about. The following loop, from about twenty hours after the first pulse will have further note later. It bears a simile to a much speculated passed Radar return image. 

02:34-UTC – 128km Return…

The arrow in the loop below is pointing at this pulse – two minutes earlier…

01:10 UTC above…   0112 UTC below…

These are full page screenshot from the BoM archives. They show the composition or structure of the Waveform with its blended carrier waves. The first two are from the 128km format. Note the Intensity Histogram reads far more High RF – due to its synthetic construct – than the image appears to show. I don’t see much use for cool hues, colours like blue!

Carrier-wave Saturation! Synthetic Plasmic Future Weapon Impact! 

This is the 256km image format page…  

Three from the 512km image format…  

Here are three satellite images – open source – of the Exmouth Array…  

To show examples of the basic continuity of the Exmouth Waveform, here are two events from the archives. First image has the date and time. then detail of the same. The next image has no data attached at this time. It’s the Radar Glitch that keeps on giving! We are just so stupid that we can accept the passage of years without these Architects having corrected their technical issue. If you buy that…

The notation -Alice Springs – is actually located at the central black area southeast of Broome, Australia. This Burst is an Exmouth Event.

No date, but very much like the 02:34 UTC anno image above from BoM.

Last is from the Archives. This return image stirred much airplay in its day. This was named – The Rottnest Serpent or Monster. It is placed here because as this Plasmic -Radio Tomographic – Impact faded, a similar type of image appeared. The Rottnest Island -S – return was on the west coast, but south of Exmouth. The many reported analysis present a myriad so varied, it is up to you the reader, at this time, to research should you choose. It’s far too broad in scope, with posits, – doubtless – mis and disinformation. Personally, I have no specific answer that I hold to. I have not looked, but I would send anyone first to DUTCHSINSE to see if he has come to a final analysis of this event. Here is the – Serpent – followed by a few frames of the same timestamp from after this assault.  

This was Wednesday 12th February 2014. BoM specialists confirmed it was not a cloud. No clouds existed in the area. It clearly dwarfs Rottnest Island which has lead to its name, it was monstrous in its size.

Not identical, but no two snowflakes ever are…  This does hint of a programmed operation which created the serpentine shape after the induced energy.

otterwalks:  16th September 2016

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2 Responses to Exmouth Future Weapons Burst – Broome Radar Australia

  1. dm says:

    So, what impact do those bursts seem to have? What is the purpose? Seeing them is one thing but knowing what they are supposed to accomplish is the real issue I think. Any ideas?

    Liked by 1 person

    • otterwalks: says:

      Okay… I can only compress the overall agenda. As a preface, I would say Generically speaking, this is – Tesla Mysticism stolen by the Money Powers or Robber Barons and being used primarily for three basic agendas, under which there are a myriad of end points. All of which come to fruition under the planned Eugenics agenda.
      These arrays and their system wide interfaced network goes to the Transhumanist Agenda. Equals – creation of A.I. …
      They are planned, becoming operational in unison with GeoEngineering Aerosol disbursals, in an effort to negate ozone. The proof of that resides in the Nacreous Cloud genesis with their migration from the poles toward the belt. They were first named PSC – Polar Stratospheric Clouds – this IS the chemical reaction of Ozone negation in real time. With that occurrence comes the Ozone Holes. Not an actual hole, that would end life on earth flat out. Though they are trying… It is a thinning of the protective barrier Earth has which keeps Solar Radiation from frying the planet. The tree and other life die offs are largely due to the rise in UV A – B – and deadly C. This do to the Technetronic Agenda!
      You begin to see that any one aspect leads to multiple ends.
      What they are creating, what I am attempting to show. for all to become aware of is a form of Synthetic Plasma. What is that and why? The Solar Flares, the CME’s you have heard of are largely stopped by earth’s firmament. The electromagnetic shield Earth generates. They have created tech that produces 4d plasma. This in itself has a book of avenues that are in play.
      They hit the Ionosphere and it is thinned. It rebounds. It impacts earth, passing through all that is in its triangulated path, it’s End Point. I digress… These can be seen as a ping pong action. Very High Frequency compressed and in a quarter sized beacon sent toward the Ionosphere where it hits the blockade and pushes it outward, creating a bulge. That layer then snaps back ,- leaving out the excited molecular event; their dissolution, here – sending the beacon which has changed in frequency and its primal form essentially. There are a number of steps and systems that are interfaced in this Technology that I am attempting to shorthand here. The Synthetic Plasmic Pulse is now largely ELF -Extremely Low Frequency. It is also a paradox in that it is Plasma in its nature. That goes to Scalar Waveforms and again is another Encyclopedic matter that is being skipped over here. The basic point is that within the protective barrier of the Earth, Solar like Plasma has been created and is now rebounding off of the shield and impacting an area of Earth. It is Radio Tomographic in its nature. It passes through EVERTHING! It is Radiation, a DEATH RAY, one which should not exist within our environment!
      They are working to EXTERMINATE LIFE!
      This is an Arms Race, it is CO2 Taxation being lead by the ill informed and or corrupt environmental or Green Movement.
      I Know… I aided its Creation! It is all a Psy-op! Sustainability used to denote a specific venue of – Science? It was negated as a Posit long ago. Before Chaos, before String Theory. It is all TPTB Bravo Sierra!
      This is a Pathology – a chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behaviors pursued by people with personality disorders which manifest in extreme antisocial attitudes and behavior which lacks a conscience. It is Madness! It is a Death Cult which believes it will create eternal life and that we are a virus upon the Earth… It is M.A.D.!
      This is a micron of the overview of where we are today. There are enough keywords here to begin research. Reading the commentaries in my reports. Watching DUTCHSINSE Videos and reading DoD and NSSL Budgets, White Papers, and the countless books that have been written telling exactly how and why this is being done is all out there. One simply take the time to absorb it.
      I’ll stop now. I could expand. I could say the same thing in many variants.
      Bottom line is this is abhorrent from bottom to top. It is in action Now! It is killing the future of this place we call home.
      You and yours be well, o…


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