HAARP Like IRI Impact – Bergen -Norway Assault – Expendable Life Experimentation Continues

Again Bergen, Norway is the center registry of a Synthetic Plasmic, Radio Tomographic, largely Off The Charts, Waveform Experiment…!

This is the – SMHI – Radar imagery format used as open, transparent data, for Norway. As you see, it is only the overlay that is most commonly used by online, real time, Radar formats in presenting regional information via ground based, airborne, satellite, and mobile interfaced Radar Actuarial Systems. This has no information. The timeline is a five minute loop running on UTC time. It is from 13th September 2016 and starts at 20:00 UTC and runs through 20:45 UTC. The above map shows southern Norway and within the annotated region marked – Censored Ring – lies Bergen.

The next image shows the SMHI Legend. The colours not on the chart show a range of VLF – ELF Radiants are present. The absence of an image with the complete circumference and shown with the cut edges is likely due to the imagery format interface. This is often seen in satellite mosaics. This format, it can be construed, is an amalgam of multiple return data formats; Satellite, or Space Platform likely playing the key role in the creation of imagery. 

Here is a cropped image with the SMHI format Legend…

There are many maps of Bergen. Among them, many are tourist maps. Labels like Gateway to The Fiords, UFO Conference, and more, are easily image searched. 

This is Directed Energy Weaponization.  Labeled generically, it is DEW. This is more evidence of the escalation of a multitiered Agenda. Humanity, indeed all of life is forfeit in this Future Weapons Arms Race…!

Radiation, 4d Synthetic Plasma, the Death Cult – CERN – mentality, Lasers, Laser crossing to beget the Scalar Bottle Paradox, Radio Tomographic mapping of the substratum of the Earth in its entirety, but a few of the Compartmentalized Agendas which lead to  an exponential curvature of Entropic Degradation of Existence on this, our temporal home… 

otterwalks:  14th September 2016 

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2 Responses to HAARP Like IRI Impact – Bergen -Norway Assault – Expendable Life Experimentation Continues

  1. dm says:

    How can I send you a file as an attachment? I tried as a reply to your email and it failed and your site suggests this blog page.

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    • otterwalks: says:

      Not 100% sure this moment. Could it be made into Pdf format. They go through email. I do not know if there is a maximum page limit. This is a Mac system. I see there are links and videos on conversion to Pdf. I will look into it in general. If you don’t fins a formatting system, get back to me and we will work together on it. Thank you for taking the time. Be well, o… Postscript: Looks like gravatar will not help. Does my email address show anywhere you have searched? Let me know of any progress and when you are ready, I’ll give you my address if you wish…


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