Tasmania -Mt Koonya -Hobart, Australia Ionospheric Heater Assault


Emerald – Central Highlands, Australia continues Operations…

A.I. NEXRAD Operation still being formatted, new data to emerge from the archives soon…

Wichita, Kansas – HAARP/IRI – remains in need of further work… Not, NEXRAD mimicking, A.K.A. HAARP/IRI as NEXRAD/HAARP Extreme Outbursts…

Adelaide – Buckland Park… New data to reveal! Plasmic Rings continue to impact registered center at this location… 

In short, it is becoming harder to keep up with the uptake in the Tasmanian operations, as goes this field of Eugenics.  


This Future Weapons Synthetic Plasmic Impact – Radio Tomographic Passage – occurred on 6th September 2016. The images expose the R and D constant, that continues as an adjunct to this, Technologic Future Arms Race!   

This is the exact same timestamp and range ring format after having wiped the event!  Nothing to see here!  It’s been all of minutes, and the overlay went from two timestamp images giving clues to the duration of this assault, to one, to this completely Censored return image! 02:10 GMT appears three loops above. There are more frames which are not wiped. You really see no more to evaluate the truth of the matter.

Here is the Weather Underground method of Censorship. Simply stop the feed prior to the onset of the Ionospheric Heater event! Note the Radar has been labeled – down for maintenance…  This prior to the impact or retrofitted into the available feeds…

This is satellite imagery as Mt Koonya Upgraded Radar is zoomed in on. 

There are more arrays, Radomes, Radio Telescopes, Satellite, and mobile devices that function within this interfaced Tasmanian network. When old archives present currently buried images, or this current format of tailored search results expose their existence they will be added. There are lists or locations on several sites. Most of these unexposed images are corrupt and the Lat and Lno used in research comes up with the site location cloaked.

otterwalks:  8th September 2016

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QAnon & Exposing the Future Weapons Arms Race...
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